Thursday, April 21, 2011

Topic of the Day: Where is Christ?

Today is Good Friday, the day Jesus Christ was nailed to a cross and died. A momentous day in world history. A day when the Son of God allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross and where He willingly hung there until He died . . . for us. His sacrifice offered mankind entrance into heaven. And yet, the headlines don't mention Jesus Christ or the greatest gift ever offered.

On google trends there is no mention of Him. Instead I found articles about Doris Day and Donald Trump. Other headlines talked about how to decorate Easter Eggs or how to get the best car deal. And one addressed the problem of smelly feet. But Christ didn't make the headlines.

Society has lost its way. We should offer up this day to the King of Kings, contemplating the God man who gave everything to set us free from our sins. Instead, we talk about fashions, movies, and Easter recipes. I don't think there's anything wrong those things, but what disturbs me is who is not mentioned.

The night Jesus was arrested, He waited and prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane. He knew what lay ahead of Him. He understood the suffering that would soon be laid upon him. He even asked His Heavenly Father if there were another way. While He prayed, he sweat blood. In the end, he gave up His will for the Father's.

Should we not give Him a little of our time? Should we not remember what was done for us and then offer Him our thanks?

It's easy to forget what Christ went through. Anyway, it is for me. I lose sight of the horrendous price that was paid. Because I know that about myself every year during the Easter season I watch the movie, The Passion of Christ. And then I remember and invariably as the movie comes to a close I sob, my heart broken beause I'm overwhelmed with gratitude and guilt, for it is my sin that placed my Savior on that cross.

My family and I will watch the movie again tonight and be reminded of the greatest gift ever given to man. We will remember that our Savior made a way for us. With His final breath He said, "It is finished." His work here on earth was finished and His death made a way for all who believe.

The captives have been set free. May we be a light to the world.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Anonymous3:17 PM

    That's awesome, grandma!

    Really great idea, grandma.

    From Ezra & Gabe

  2. Beautifully said, Bonnie, thank you. Jim and I will be watching Passion of the Christ on Sunday...

  3. Connie, you're welcome. And Sunday sounds like a perfect day.

    The Lord's blessings to you guys.


  4. Amen and Amen. I have to tell you a 'goosebump' story that I saw on the news Friday night and again on Saturday. It was squeezed in amongst all the Easter Egg hunting reports.

    Every year, multi-denomination Christian groups gather in two areas of the city on Good Friday for an Easter Walk. It's a solemn journey following the cross along a predetermined path. The group stops every so often for scripture and song.

    Anyway, there was quite a turn out at both locations -- one downtown and one in the suburbs. The local news covered the one in burbs. They interviewed a little boy who made the walk with his family.

    He was all of about six and very earnest in answering the perplexed reporter's questions. She couldn't understand why this little boy was following a cross instead of an Easter bunny.

    The little boy said: "Because Jesus is important. He died for me so I can live again." A pause and then he reached out his hand and touched the reporter's arm. "He died for you too."

  5. Kav, what an awesome story! I love it.

    Thank you, Lord, for children!

  6. And to my grandsons Ezra and Gabe -- Thank you.

    Love you guys.