Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Quiet Moments With God -- Heaven Waits

Heaven waits for us. God's Word tells us that His children will spend eternity with Him there. And God doesn't lie. These days I cling to this promise more and more.

My mother had open heart surgery four weeks ago. At age eighty-six we were uncertain that she'd survive the surgery, but she did. We were grateful, but the weeks that have followed have been harrowing and full of physical suffering.

I spent a week with my Mom when she had the surgery. When I felt that she was stable I returned home. Last weekend I made the trip north again to see her. She's been staying at a rehab center for three weeks and will remain there until she is strong enough and healthy enough to return home. It's been grueling for her.

While I was visiting last week, Mom's health declined and she developed an infection in the wound where her chest had been opened. Uncertain what was causing the pain and swelling in her chest she was rushed to a nearby hospital emergency room where doctors proceeded to poke and prod in search of an answer. It was torture for my mother and for those of us who love her. To make matters worse, we were told that she might have to face another surgery.

We waited, prayed and took turns sitting with her. When I sat with her I watched the monitors and her uneven breathing. She's so thin I could see the undulating rhythm of her heart through her chest wall.

When she stirred, I stood to check on her. She gazed up at me and a smile touched her lips. Her hazel eyes were alight with love and she said, "I'm so thankful you're here. I love you so much." I rested a hand on her cheek, then smoothed her forehead and told her what a wonderful mother she was and how much I loved her. It felt as if we were saying good-bye.

Even now when I think of that moment my eyes fill with tears. But they aren't tears of sorrow, though I feel that, they are tears of gratitude. How blessed I am to be loved so deeply and to love someone the way I do my mother. She blesses me and makes my life richer. To see her in the midst of suffering and yet be filled with gratitude and love is an amazing thing. Death was close, but Mom was not afraid for she believed God's promise of heaven.

Mom is still with us. She's better, but far from well. I don't know what the days ahead will bring. I do know that we each have a certain number of days on this earth, and then we will die. It is my prayer that my mother will have more good years here with us, but one day she will go home to God where many loved ones wait for her.

God's gift of His Son soothes me with peace in these difficult days. I think of heaven and imagine what it will be like to have all of eternity to share with those I love.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. My heart aches for you. I remember the weeks leading up to my fathers death. He was much how you describe your mother, he was loving and praising God until the end.

    I pray you get many more wonderful years with your mom and when the time finally does come that you will have peace.

    The only way I survived was by the grace of God. I'm sorry for your pain, you and your family will be in my prayers.

  2. Thank you for your prayers and your words of comfort, TC.

    God's blessings to you.

  3. Ahhhhh, one way to know Heaven is to have someone we love there~but we sure don't wanna lose those we love, even if... My mil is 96, and she's got one foot in Heaven and one here on earth--it's a weird way for us all to live. Many days we cry, or beat our heads against the wall. This living with herin our home for the last 27 yrs, and now in this stage of caregiving is HARD, But God... always, But God... and so we praise Him--every morn, every eve before bed because He's still on His throne and in charge of controlling the universe and the number of our days on it. And us. And your dear mom 'n you--and so we praise...

  4. I'm sending you a cyber hug, Patti. I hope I can give you a real one at the party in December.

    Blessings to you, dear lady.

  5. Such a beautiful tribute to the special love between a mother and daughter. I'm grateful that the warmth of it can console you during the tough times. It's so hard to watch someone we love suffer and feel helpless. But what comfort your presence brought your mom! I'll keep praying for you both.

  6. Dear Kav, thank you for your prayers. Mom is back in the hospital and not doing well.

    I so appreciate your prayers. I'm praying my back will heal enough so I can return to Seattle and be with her.

    Grace and peace to you.

  7. hope your mom is doing better now,

    sending a flybyhugging to ya!

  8. Jel, how nice to hear from you. I just got off the phone with my mother--that's two days in a row that I've been able to speak to her. : - )
    She is better!

    I hope to travel to Washington next week so I can be with her.

    Bless you.

  9. glad to hear she is gettting better

    hope ya get to go see her.

  10. I'm with you, Jel. Praying and hoping for the best. : - )