Friday, May 11, 2012

Relationship: The In-Between Places

Christmas of 2010 family gathered at my home from around the globe--My Sis and her husband traveled from Alaska, Mom and Dad came from Washington, my son skated over the mountains from Central Oregon, my  niece and her family jetted all the way from New Zealand and a nephew flew from Florida, while numerous others joined us from within our county here in Southern Oregon.

As you can see in the picture (and others I posted back in 2010) we are having a grand time. We all look
happy . . . don't we? We were, truly. But it wasn't all laughter and merriment. We had our "moments".

Some faced jet lag, others had colds and the stomach flu made its rounds through the family. There were temper tantrums from some of the little ones and short tempers from us all, even a few tense moments between family members. It wasn't all beauty and light.

And yet, there was beauty and love--lots of love.

A few nights ago while hanging out with my mother in the ER I got to thinking about the in-between spaces of our lives. It was definitely not a good thing to be in the ER. I hated that my  mother was sick again and losing her sleep and having to be poked and prodded once more by doctors. I was tired and wished I were in bed. But, in the midst of all that Mom cracked jokes and spoke tenderly to me. We shared thoughts and feelings, traveled through memories together . . . and as I think about the time in the ER--I loved it. At least the in-between spaces.

Life is not perfect and never will be, not on this earth. There will be no perfect holidays or family gatherings, no perfect aging process or perfect relationships. But there will be moments that make all the rest beautiful.

So, when you're tempted to see only the troubles of life, remember the moments that make it remarkable.

Life even with all it's messes is a gift. And so are the people we love.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. really well put--I'd like to have a couple of those in between spaces right about now... but this time will pass and love is in us and all around us, so we'll get through our bumps too! Thanks for the reminder...

  2. Ah Patti, I'm sorry to hear you're going through a rough patch. Doggone it anyway.

    Look for the Father. He will bring light to reveal those in-between places we do not see.

    Love you.