Thursday, August 23, 2012

Books & Writing: Exciting Announcement!

Book three in the Alaskan Skies series, TOUCHING THE CLOUDS is FREE 
on Kindle, Nook and other ebooks!

If Alaska fascinates you, you'll love this story of Kate, a female bush pilot, forging a new 
life in the Alaskan wilderness of the 1930's.

Happy Reading,



  1. Christine3:27 AM

    Hi! I found this series when looking for free books on Amazon. This book is the first in the series, yes?

    I read through it, loved it, then went searching for more. I was thrilled to see 2 others in the series. Purchased them, and have already read them.

    I cannot wait to recommend them to my family and friends, especially my cousin and his wife that live in Ketchikan, and to friends that live in Kenai. My cousin flies as often as he can and so did his dad when he was still alive. My uncle lived in Eagle River.

    This is wonderful series! I only have one problem with it, I read that it was only three books long. Say it isn't so! I want to hear more about how Paul and Katie are living and flying. As well as Joe and Nena, Patrick and Sassa, Clint and Lilly, and if Sidney evr finds someone and how Jack the grump is doing. And just, more!

    Please, don't end Alaskan Skies yet, this reader will be heartbroken. I've come to love all of them and their pioneering spirit is awe inspiring as well as humbling. Please, think about it. I don't plead often, but for this series, it's worth it.

  2. Hi Christine.

    What a blessing to open up my blogger and to find your message. Thank you.

    I wish I could say there is a book four, but at this time there are no plans for a fourth book.

    However, your suggestion to follow through with some of the other characters gives me reason to pause. Perhaps one of them is interesting enough for their own series.

    I'll have to give it some thought.

    In the mean time I'm working on a new book based in Alaska. It is a true story, an amazing story. I can't wait to share it. I'm hoping to have it to my agent in another month.

    Grace and peace to you.