Monday, February 04, 2013

Quiet Moments With God -- Super Bowl Ads

Yesterday was Sunday, and while many of us were focused on church, Christian service and the Lord, a lot of Americans were thinking about the Super Bowl. I'm okay with that even though I'm not an avid fan. However, I do admire great athletes.

My guess is that second to the game a lot of Americans were interested in watching the advertisements that come with the sports spectacular. Since I didn't have a team I was really rooting for I'll admit my biggest interest in the game was the ads. There were some awful ones like always, but there were also some I thought were good and even heartwarming.

Today when I took a look at the votes for favorite commercials I had to smile. The ones that garnered the greatest attention and praise were those that spoke to good old fashioned American principles--hard work, family, patriotism, love, commitment, and standing against evil and for goodness.

My favorite -- The Ram Truck commercial that talks all about farmers and who they are. I loved it and could watch it again and again. Second favorite had to be the Budweiser commercial called Brotherhood. Who doesn't love a Clydesdale? It was beautiful.

Do you find it interesting that the ones most loved were the ones about character and Godly principles? Sometimes it seems like our society is lost and that people don't care about God, but there is hope. We can find it if we're willing to look for it.

I hope you'll go to and have a look for yourself.


Grace and peace to you from God,


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