Sunday, April 28, 2013

Quiet Moments With God -- New Beginnings

Do you know who this memorable character is? I'll bet you do. The precocious Anne Shirley of Green Gables.

I love family movies and one of my favorites is Anne of Green Gables. There is a scene in the movie where Anne has an epiphany and says, "Each day is new with no mistakes in it." (At least that's close to what she said.).

This week has me thinking about new days with no mistakes in them and new beginnings. My daughter Sarah was married over the weekend. It's not her first marriage, but it is a day to celebrate, a joyous new beginning. It's a marriage without any mistakes in it . . . yet. The mistakes will come because that's life and she and her new husband are just folks. But what a blessed time when a new family begins, a blend of his and hers. There is so much hope and expectation. And there is opportunity for God to do the unexpected and the exceptional through this unique and loving family.

There is another excellent event expected tomorrow. My dear daughter-in-law and my son will enter their local hospital where Brandi's labor will be induced. Prayerfully in a matter of hours the newest member of our family, Cy, will be born. What a grand new beginning for Cy--his first look at the world. For Paul and Brandi -- life will never be the same.

As is often the case, God uses the daily events in my life to whisper His truths to me. My thoughts returned to the day I first believed--the day I met my Lord. Oh, what a day! It is like no other! It was a new beginning. I became a new creation.

How amazing it is to be brand new with no mistakes, clean, pure and unblemished. It's nearly impossible to imagine such a state after so many years of mistakes, heartaches, survival. But God promises if we seek Him we will become more like Him. And His mercies are new every morning.

The blood of Jesus washes away our sins. And we are "White As Snow." Because of His mercy the blemishes of this life will not be carried into the next.

How incredible it is that we are given new beginnings. It is only because of the love of a merciful God.

Kelly and Sarah, cherish the opportunity. "Be all you can be." And baby Cy, I am giddy with anticipation at your new beginning. I am already praying for you.

There are all sorts of places in life where we get to begin again. Is there one that comes to your mind? Think on it. Cherish it. Be thankful for it. And then . . . share it, if not here then with someone who is dear to you.

Grace and peace to you from God,


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