Monday, February 16, 2015

Happily Ever After?

My husband and I recently took part in a marriage seminar and since then I've been thinking about us

We were just kids the day we made forever vows. I was nineteen and Greg was twenty-one. Saying forever at such a young age seems ridiculous now that I look back. What did we know about marriage? We didn't have a clue, but couldn't wait to begin our lives together. 

Even with all the heat and love we shared, when I walked down the aisle I wasn't certain I really wanted to get married. I made that long walk thinking, Well, if it doesn't work out I can always get a divorce. 

We were definitely in for a rough ride.

Our early years together were a mess - we were a mess. After four years together we separated. I was devastated and cried most every day. During those dark days I had other devastating losses, which included a miscarriage and the death of my father. Heartbroken, I handed my life over to the the Lord. That's when I started to pray for us.

Greg and I were separated seven months, but God worked in our hearts and we reconciled and started again, only this time as new believers in Christ. 

Children became part of us. We were a family. 

Life hasn't been easy. We've had the common issues that most couples face - financial difficulties, health issues, differences about how to raise the kids ... and a long list of other things.

Our biggest challenge came when I was only thirty-nine and had a way too close encounter with a log truck. My injuries were life-changing. And those changes affected my family, especially my husband. 

I'd been an active wife and mother. I loved to work alongside Greg, and could use a chain saw with the best of the guys. And I wasn't bad at nailing sub-floor, splitting fire wood, and gardening. 

I loved that life. But in a moment everything changed. 

It wasn't easy adjusting to our new life. With much grinding of teeth and shedding of tears we found a way and discovered our new roles. These days, I do what I can - cook meals, buy groceries, keep the house picked up, and I write. My husband works at his job, then he helps me by sweeping and mopping, doing the dishes when I can't and even taking care of the shopping when I'm unable, all with no complaints.

I've been blessed with a good man, but we wouldn't have made it through this journey called marriage without Christ. He is at the core of our success. He is the reason we can still say, "I love you," after forty-three years ... and counting.

Do you have a happily ever after story to tell or a God's grace story to share? 

God is always good.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Ahhh, soooo good, Bonnie! That's love, alright! Mine is slightly different--no real idea of what love or marriage was, until I met Randy and saw how his family, folks, home life was lived. My mom was alcoholic, Daddy a small man with napolionic ? complex. Abusive emotionally, physically, spiritually, and every other way you could think of. Mom had 6 kids--5 living--she was trapped back in the 50s. Now, the Iversons showed their Lord, love, 'n laughter in every way they lived and interacted. They actually all liked each other, lived in a nice, neat home, ate, worshipped, shopped, played together every day--all of 'em! Their home was grand central station to friends, travelers, missionaries--fabulous fun. I'd not even seen a real family dinner put on a lovely table until I went there. I watched, learned, llistened---and changed. Then I married him! Well really, now---what else could I do, huh? And at 42 yrs of marriage it's still growing 'n glowing. I like that man--and his fab family and LORD! We are blessed, in spite of the arrows 'n slings life has sent our way.

  2. What a beautiful story, Patti. And how heartbreaking a childhood.

    Isn't it glorious how the Lord can make all things beautiful?

    I pray for many more blessings in your life.

    Love you, gal.

  3. sorta silly, but I just don't think we could be more blessed----not in any way but one: if atheist son and his dear wife and our two darling grands would come to the Lord. THAT'S the only blessing we pray for now. 24/7. Otherwise--yes, we DO have it all, even in spite of illnesses 'n "stuff". God makes it all so very fine and good. So we praise Him!