Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Power of Love

Lots of love among this bunch.
And notice who is at the center of it, down front.
That's where it began.

When I left my mother's home yesterday, I was awash with emotions. I knew that I needed to write what I felt ... but now that I sit here in front of a blank screen I'm not sure how to express the exquisiteness of our time together. How do you describe love - the pure and simple kind?

I stopped on my way to Mom's to get her a blended coffee mocha from Dutch Brothers. She loves them. When I walked in with the small gift, her eyes lit up. "Oh, a milkshake!" She held that treat between her hands as if it were made of gold then started drinking and between sips, commenting on how delicious it was. 

We didn't do anything special while I was there - talked about family and local events, how much she likes her new home and how thankful she is for the kindness she receives from the workers, and how blessed she is to have good and loving children and grandchildren. And we talked about a visit she had from her best friend Connie. How precious it is to spend time with those we love. 



Then Mom and I turned too more serious topics of discussion, things like life and death and troubling dreams she's been having. We talked about the Lord and how great and deep and wide is His love and that there is no sin he doesn't cover. We talked about how much He loves us and that He never leaves us alone ... not ever, and especially not when we feel alone.

We clasped hands and prayed. When we were done, she held on to my hands and with her eyes full of tears she said, "I want to give you something."

I didn't understand and asked her to explain. "I just want too give you something special for all that you do for me. And how you take such good care of me ... and how you love me. I just don't have anything good enough." 

By that time, my eyes were brimming with tears too. I told her the best thing she could give me is one she already had - time to spend with her. She smiled in that bright way of hers and her eyes lit up. "Oh. I never thought of that," she said and placed her hands on my cheeks and gazed into my eyes. "You know how much I love you, don't you?"

Yes. I know. 

I gave her a kiss, and then I had to leave. 

The time I spent in her room that afternoon was more precious than any material thing she could have given me. I felt as if I were wrapped in a warm cocoon of love. Mom and I have had lots of wonderful times together, but some are more special than others and yesterday was one of the best. I will always remember being enfolded in my mama's love. 

Growing old is hard. It's a time in life when we've said too many farewells to loved ones, and a time when we need the people we love to be close by - people to share our memories, our fears, and hopes and prayers, our joys. And we need those close who will keep on loving us no matter how much our bodies or minds deteriorate. 

All through life we muddle through the hard times, embrace the beauty and joys of life. And we love one another. It all matters but in the end, it's love that remains ... always.

Love one another ... every day.

Grace and peace to you from God.


  1. Every single moment we get to spend with loved ones is special.