Saturday, March 28, 2009

Tips For Triumphant Living -- Invest in Others

I spoke at a women’s retreat a while back and during the weekend I was showered with gifts and notes from the ladies. After I returned home, I sat down and read through all the notes. One statement especially touched me. “Thank you for investing yourself in us.”

This went straight to my heart. Sometimes as I plow through hours of preparation to speak or teach I feel guilty about the time taken from my family, my friends, my church and my personal time. I grouse about it. Even while reading scripture and working through insights and gaining knowledge so I can share with others, I sometimes complain. Why would I do that? It can be boiled down to one word—selfishness.

This woman’s note makes me cry. I’m grateful for the privilege of sharing Christ and His truths, and I’m ashamed of my own selfish heart.

God offered His son. Christ gave everything for me and for you. Sharing our gifts with others is not asking too much. In fact, when we give we receive. Spending time with other Christians, learning God’s Word, leaning on Him, being a voice for Him—all of these are gifts. All he wants us to do is to pass them on.

I pray that as I learn to listen to God's voice my selfish voice will be quiet. May I hear Him above all else, above every selfish need. May we all hear. Only then shall we know the privilege of investing in others.

Grace and peace to you in Christ.


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