Monday, April 23, 2012

Quiet Moments With God -- Mom's Tree

A couple of months ago, my mother moved into an assisted living community here in Southern Oregon. It was a difficult time. She'd been ill for several months and then her husband died, making it necessary for her to move closer to family. Her new residence was very nice, but it wasn't home. We sought ways to make the new place feel homey for Mom. We noticed a tree right outside her apartment windows. Its limbs were bare, but we knew when spring arrived the tree would be transformed.

Several weeks ago, we noticed buds sprouting and we  knew it wouldn't be long until the unveiling. We watched and waited, knowing that when the time was right there would be an explosion of color. This week vibrant pink blossoms opened like an offering from God.  

Mom loves that tree and refers to it as her tree. Of course, technically it belongs to the owners of the assisted living center . . . but we know God provided it for her. He knew Mom would need that tree. Years ago, when it was planted, He understood my mother's love of nature and how she always looks for and sees the beauty in the world around her. This tree is like food for her soul. And so the tree is Mom's tree, a gift from God. 

Mom is doing much better these days. She's discovering a new life, good friends and a home here in Southern Oregon. And she is enjoying the pleasure  of watching her very special tree filled with pink blossoms, buzzing bees and singing birds. It has come to life, just as she has. And that tree will remain Mom's tree . . . until she no longer needs it.

Thank you, Father.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. That tree is awesome! What a wonderful gift from Him.

  2. I would blow up 'n frame this photo==it is so wonderful on soooooo many levels... Oh, what a reminder of God's love for her, you, for now, for later--and wow--when she gets to Heaven He will have an even more beautiful one for her--tho looking at this pic it's kinda hard to believe...