Monday, March 19, 2007

I am a friend of God.

While in church on Sunday we were singing a song called "I Am a Friend of God" and I got to thinking about what it really means--to have God as a friend.

Friends are hugely important in life. I have lots of friends, but only a couple of buddies. I'm not sure what I would do without my buddies. Who would I tell my darkest secrets to or share my sorrows with or special joys? I wouldn't have anyone to gripe to. We can share stuff--like favorite books and movies or pictures of our kids or grandbabies. We get together and chat or munch on popcorn and cry over a favorite chic flick (we've probably already seen a dozen times).

I've lived a good many years and have been privileged to witness friendships in action and I've learned a few things. True friends care about each otheron the good days and the bad; they can count on one another to be there when the tough stuff hits. Many years ago, I had a "close encounter" with a log truck. I was pretty much flattened. In the days after my friends paraded through my house with meals for my family, prayers, and encouragement. And in the years since, they haven't forgotten that my body was forever changed. But rather than abandon our friendship, they've stayed and when we get together they make sure I get the chair in the room that works best for my back and they watch out for me, making sure I don't do too much. In so many ways they demonstrate that they love me. And that matters a lot.

God calls me friend. And He's my best buddy. He's the one who taught me and my friends how to love and care about each other. Course he's perfect, so he never fails--He's always there when I need him, He'll listen to anything I want to talk about, He holds my heart in his hand when life's too painful, and He whispers comfort to me when I'm afraid. When he sees me crying over a silly movie or a good book He smiles because He loves that part of me, for He created me.

Sometimes the idea that God is my friend is unfathomable. I can't grasp why the creator of the universe cares about me and wants to spend time with me or that He wants to be my friend. But I don't have to understand, I just have to accept. His Word says he longs to fellowship with me. WOW! Thank you, Lord!

There are times when even the best of friends can't be there for each other, and there are times when they're not wise, when they're not patient. But God always is. He can always be counted on to NEVER fail us. Knowing that offers comfort.

And I have to remember that my friends, even my buddies aren't God. And we aren't God either. We can only do our best to be like Him.

My daughter said something to me the other day that set me back a bit. She said, "Mom, sometimes you are so busy doing the right thing--being strong and obedient and faithful that you forget to let God be part of the process. Ouch!

She's right. I sometimes rely upon myself--trusting in me rather than on my best buddy. He's everything--my savior, my helper, my healer, my shield, my protector, my father -- my everything. And He wants me to sit down and chat with Him, dump my worries and cares into his arms, to allow Him to carry my burdens and to remember all that he's done for me. And then to tell others.

If only I would always remember that. But I don't. Yet I am forgiven because the one who loves me most is God.