Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Well Loved.

I walked into my local bookstore today and saw my new book, To Love Anew on the shelf. I'm giddy and thinking how silly I am. After fifteen years of writing you'd think I'd get used to this phenomenon of book birthing. But it never gets old. Each time I complete a novel I feel a rush of joy and an inexplicable sense of accomplishment, as if I've done something spectacular like climbed Mt. Everest or something similarly sensational. Sometimes while in the midst of creating a novel the task does feel like mountain climbing. :-)

To Love Anew is especially dear to my heart. I relate to my two main characters, Hannah Talbot and John Bradshaw. They've each lost things dear to them--life is definitely not fair.

John and Hannah end up on a prison ship bound for New South Wales. Neither of them deserve the harsh punishment, but there is nothing to be done about it. In their world they possess no power, except their faith in a sovereign God.

Have you felt powerless--without hope? My guess is that all humans have at one time or another. I must admit to having had to relearn the lesson that God is big enough to overcome any kind of trouble. The good news is that my weakness doesn't diminish His strength. There is no sorrow, no sin, no heartache that is too difficult for Him. He can carry every burden.

When I consider the truth of who He is and that He loves me just as I am, I rediscover hope and peace. I have nothing to fear. He is enough.

I'm His kid, dirty and scarred, but well loved. He walks every step with me. He never abandons me. When I reach up my hand to Him He takes it and holds on. I remember walking along a beach once with my earthly father. When I was with him I felt confident, and when he took my hand as we walked along that beach I knew I was safe.

Peace comes in knowing our Father. No matter how great the tempest is in our life we can stand up to it if we hang onto The One who has the power to overcome.