Sunday, January 30, 2022

Is He Good All the Time?

You've heard it said ... 

God is good. God is good. 

He is good all the time ... 

Is He?

Is God still good when your best friend dies? What about when your child is diagnosed with a chronic illness? Or your spouse walks away? Was He good at Auschwitz?

When someone thankfully announces answered prayer and says, "God is good." And those within hearing say. "Oh, yes. God is good all the time." I wonder what would they say if God didn't answer the prayer the way they wanted? What if the outcome was tragic?

Some days we struggle to believe. That's not being a sinner, that's just being human.

Believing in a God who is good all the time is a matter of faith and more. It is also history, our history and how He was with us through it all, the good and the bad. It is also seeing the beauty He created. When we look up into an azure blue sky He is there. We look to the hills or a brilliant sunset and know He thought of us when He created them. We can hear him in a quiet stream and know He is nearby. 

When we hold a newborn child and smell their newness and see their beauty, He is there. When we look back and remember how he guided us through our darkest day and held us when we felt we could no longer stand, then we remember He is good ... all the time.

We were brought into a world tinged by evil and will not come through unscathed. This was not the world God intended. No. It is the one mankind chose. And it is the goodness of God that guides us through and carries us when He must and then one day calls us home.

Yes. God is good ... all the time.

Grace and peace to you from God