Monday, August 28, 2017

Moving On

What a summer it has been. I decided to not write and went on summer vacation instead. I've been gardening, swimming, camping and traveling. It's been fun. 

This season has also been physically and emotionally painful. 

My body hurts more than I can remember. Beware - gardening can be harmful to joints and muscles.  

I loved getting my hands into the dirt and watching plants grow. And I've enjoyed the fresh vegetables on my table, but I'm not sure the additional pain is worth it all. Likely I will not have a full-blown garden next summer.

I do have a plan B, however. How about a green house where I can grow citrus trees, and an avocado tree along with a few veggies and herbs? I'm thinking about it.

There's been a lot going on in my family - too much to include here. But I feel a need to share a couple of heartbreaking events. 

Early this summer my dear sister-in-law Sally lost her battle with cancer. 

Sally with her daughters and grandson.

She fought hard. It is a great sorrow to all who love her. She was a fine person and the most dedicated mother and grandmother I've ever known.

The other terrible news is that my sister has renal cell carcinoma. Knowing the battle she faces makes my heart ache, but my sister is tough and with the courage and strength of the Lord she's got her dukes up. 

She's recovering from a big surgery and will be starting treatment soon. 

I've spent many days in the swimming pool this summer, good times with my family, and I've worked in my garden, which is nearly done for the season. The potatoes are just about ready to harvest and the tomatoes are ripening. 

It's time to think about returning to work. 

After my diagnosis of MacTel II (Idiopathic Juxtafoveal Telangiectasia, type 2) I decided to retire. My vision had become so poor that the hours spent on my computer were difficult and draining. But, try as I might, I'm not ready to quit yet. I have more stories to tell. I'm learning to use technology more and my eyes less so I can move forward. And I hope to complete another novel in the coming year.

I'm excited. I'm loving the story. 

It's a mid-nineteenth century historical that take place in my own part of the world, here in Southern Oregon. There were Indian wars going on, and brave souls daring to make a new beginning in the wilds of the Oregon Territory. It's a perfect time and place for the story that's rambling through my brain.

My female protagonist, Emmalin Hammond, has only known the life of the affluent in Philadelphia, but after her mother's death she can no longer rely on her uncles's kindness and sets out to find a father she thought had died before her birth. 

She's naive and spoiled, but determined and possesses courage she didn't know she had. Nothing will be the same. There will be sorrows and challenges for Emmalin, but life still holds hope and joy as she treks into the unknown. I'm excited to experience her story and that of the other incredible people who become part of her life.

I will share more in the weeks and months to come as I return to storytelling. 

Grace and peace to you from God.