Sunday, June 24, 2007

His forever.

Today was one of those perfect days. My family and I joined several other families at what is called a Poker Run. A poker what you might ask? A poker run is a group of dirt bike riders who get together for the pure pleasure of riding trails. People of every age, male and female take part. We ride and swap stories, bake in the sun or rest in the shade. There's no racing, just a lot of fun.

So, what does poker have to do with it? When people arrive, they go the sign up booth and purchase five cards from a deck at $1.00 a piece. The best hands win prizes. At the end of the day, those with good hands find out what they've won.

This year, we did really well. But the day isn't about prizes, it's about spending time with neighbors, friends and family. We all share a love of riding. My husband's been riding dirt bikes since he was a teenager and that was more than forty years ago. He's passed down his passion to our son and daughter, our son-in-law and grandsons and granddaughter. I'd be riding too, but my body complains too loudy these days. Instead I'm part of the cheering section, plus I'm the band-aid lady, and sandwich maker. But my most important job is to keep an eye on the little ones, to make sure they stay safe and that they don't get lost. What could be better than that?

Oh, how the Lord has blessed me. Little did I know 36 years ago, when I said, "I do," that I was in for a wonderful adventure. My husband and I had a rough start, but we've made up for it.

The journey began with just the two of us, then our son, Paul, joined us and two years later, Kristi, and a year a half after that, Sarah. I remember holding my newborns in my arms and experiencing a love like no other. Actually the love began when I felt that first flutter inside--a love that would never let me go. And with each grandchild, there was more of the same love. Interesting how we never seem to run out. There always seems to be enough.

The day my son was born was another perfect days. When I looked at him, I got my first glimpse of what my Heavenly Father feels for me. I knew I'd do anything for him, including give my own life. And I understood I'd never fall out of love with him just as my Heavenly Father's love for me will never fade. I may get discouraged, even angry. I might even shake my fist at Him, but He'll still love me. I'm His forever.

Christ's sacrifice of himself for me, His shed His blood unites us in a bond that can't be broken. What an awesome thing to be loved so deeply that I never have to fear getting lost. He always knows just where I am.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A question from Debbie.

Hi Bonnie!

I hope I can be that informal with you. I just finished book three of the Queensland Chronicles! What a story of perseverence! I really needed that in my life right now.

Will there be a book four or is this the end?

I just discovered your books in our church library. I'm hoping I can find more and expand the collection.

Thanks for the story of God's love and His faithfulness.

In Christ,


First off, thanks for the letter Debbie. I love to hear from readers. And yes, you can be informal. I'm just a people like you--no one special here, except in the eyes of those who love me. :-)

Several readers have written to ask if there will be a book four in The Queensland Chronicles. At this time, there are no additional books planned, but one never knows what the future may bring.

Right now, I'm very excited about my upcoming release, To Love Anew. It's the first in a new Australian Trilogy. We begin the adventure in 1804 London and the story leads us to New South Wales, Australia.

I love the characters in this book, especially Ruby and Lydia. They're the kind of ladies we can count on when we're down. And Hannah and John have a lot to feel down about. But their struggle is more than just physical survival; it's spiritual endurance. How does one hang onto faith in the midst of unspeakable hardship? Is God big enough for my troubles? And can He love me just as I am?

Most of us wrestle with forgiveness, especially when it comes to forgiving ourselves. We know the real person living inside, the one we try to hide from the world. We know how ugly our sin is and wonder how can God love me? He sees the real me. With our human heart we struggle to understand a God who contains infinite love and can forgive all sin. But the great thing is we don't have to fully understand, we just need to believe. With belief comes God's grace and heaven and all its wonders.

I praise Him for his loving kindness, for His mercy, and His righteousness.

May you know His blessings,