Wednesday, December 25, 2013

A Baby Changes Everything

It is Christmas Eve. Every year I take time on this holy night to reflect and remember why there is Christmas.

In the midst of the all the Christmas preparations and hubbub it's easy to lose sight of what this day is all about. Emmanuel has come. God is with us. HE IS WITH US! How do we get our minds and hearts around this unbelievable gift?

What kind of love gives everything? God gave His only Son. He offered Himself. He came in the form of an infant, placed His life in the hands of a man and a woman. And then, ultimately, He sacrificed His life for ours.

My word for this year is Love. How precious it is to bow before the Lord and remember all that He has done. I long to know Him more deeply, more intimately, and to love, obey, and worship Him. If only I could walk every step with Him in mind, grateful for every breath, every moment, every opportunity. I pray my heart will be filled with the kind of love He offers us.

This Christmas, remember Him and . . . Rejoice.

Grace and peace to you from God,


Monday, December 23, 2013


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To Love Anew

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John Bradshaw was a successful businessman whose untamed spirit sometimes wanted more. When he is betrayed by those closest to him, he loses everything—his wife, his business, even his freedom.
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A stranger, a Civil War veteran with golden hair and blue eyes, wanders the untamed Aleutian Islands. He offers help, but can Anna trust him or his God? And if she doesn’t, how will she and Iya survive?


Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Journey - In Touch With Community

My grandson Ezra is part of his school band. He's in the sixth grade, but this is his first year. He plays the trumpet and is doing really well. Grandpa and I are proud of his efforts. He's quite dedicated. 

A couple of months ago he announced that there was going to be a Christmas concert on December 18th. He's talked about it a lot, which means it's important to him.

Last night was the big night. Glide Elementary, Junior High and High School bands performed and so did the High School choir. I have to be honest - I wasn't excited about attending. I just wanted to stay home and rest. A book launch, Christmas shopping, extra shopping for my mom and house building have kept me busy. I'm tired. But I couldn't miss - this concert mattered too much to Ezra. So, my husband and I trudged out to the car and drove down to the school gym, and were not feeling exactly enthusiastic. I'm glad we didn't give in to our weariness, though, because the concert was exactly what we needed.

The performance was the highlight of my month. By the buzz of kids and parents I don't think we were the only ones who felt that way.

The fifth and sixth grade bands have a good deal to learn, but they put on a fine performance as did the junior high band. When the high school group started warming up, it was clear we were in for a treat. Wow! What a difference a few years and a good teacher make. They were really good! I was immediately uplifted and filled with the warmth of the Christmas season. To top off the evening there were toe tapping performances by the high school choir and some outstanding solos.

Last night wasn't just about being entertained. It was about being part of our community.

While listening, my heart and mind were filled with memories of years past. I watched Gale Graham, the band and choir teacher, raise his baton and lead the performers through the music selections. Almost immediately, I felt like part of a family. Back in the mid 1980's my own children began their musical journeys under Gale's leadership. Seeing him guide this new batch of kids warmed my heart. Ezra's already made it clear he thinks Mr. Graham is the best and he's hoping Gale will remain until he graduates from high school.

It was good to see and chat with friends and neighbors. Hugs, laughter, pats on the back and sharing tidbits from our lives reminded me how blessed I am to be part of this community. And it got me wondering about how I could do more to connect. Since my children have grown up I'm not involved like I once was, but I want to be. So, here are a few ideas I've had. Maybe you can add to them.
  • Keep in touch with local groups via Facebook.
  • Take part in activities.
  • Volunteer at the food bank. 
  • Offer to help at the school. 
  • Attend school programs.
  • Show up and cheer on our athletes at sporting events.
I'm sure there are lots of other ways to be involved. I'm definitely going to give it more thought. How about you? Our communities matter. There is so much opportunity to reach out to one another, to help or just be a friend. Let's see what each of us can do to be part of our community family.

I'd love to hear from you and learn more about what's happening in your town.

Grace and peace to you from God,


Monday, December 09, 2013

Quiet Moments With God - Be Where He Is

The glow of candles seem to exhale quietness - peace - pondering. All things I've been too busy to do recently. 

November 15th my book, The Journey of Eleven Moons, released. Each time a new book launches I'm reminded of the enormity of work involved. It's fun, but always extremely time consuming. And I'm often faced with responsibilities that require me to dig down and find courage.

There's more than just the book release going on. There is a house to build with all the decisions and work that's required. My husband and I embrace and abhor the process.

And there is Christmas, which is fast approaching. I've been busier than usual this year because of family circumstances.

I skipped my devotion time this morning, just as I've done the last week. Finding myself longing for time with the Lord, I sat down tonight intent on Him. Oh how I've missed Him. I opened one of my favorite devotionals, Jesus Calling. As is often the case, God sent an arrow of conviction straight into my heart.

I love the entire devotion, but I will share only a little with you. "Let Me lead you step by step through this day. If your primary focus is on Me, you can walk along perilous paths without being afraid."

And then I went to a scripture from John 12:26. "Anyone who wants to be my disciple must follow me, because my servants must be where I am. And the Father will honor anyone who serves me."

When I get too busy or distracted it is easy to feel lost. All my energy has been geared up for "the launch" of my book. I've been focused. Working hard. Staying busy. And . . . leaving God behind. 

The Lord says, "my servants must be where I am."  

How can I be where He is when my thoughts are on everything but Him? 

It's not just the book launch that has steered me off course. The busyness of the season has acted as a thief, robbing me of vision. It can lead us all astray where we forget to be where He is. It is destructive and surprising, especially at this time of year, which has been set aside to remind us of our precious Lord and His entrance into the world.

Enjoy the beauty and fun of Christmas but remember that without Christ there is no Christmas, there's only mas . . . and what is that?

Grace and peace to you from God,


Sunday, December 01, 2013


What a great response to The Journey of Eleven Moons Giveaway. Thanks to everyone who entered and made this extra fun. I wish you all could win, but there can only be one winner. 

And that person is . . .

Laura Fay!