Monday, August 13, 2007

OCW Writing Conference and Lindon Book Store --Fun, fun, fun!

It's taken me a bit of time to get to this blog. After returning from the Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference and a booksigning in Washington, there were sooo many tasks that said, "I must be done." And now I've done them so I can share a little about the fun I've had.

At the OCW conference I taught a coaching class, called The Writing Experience. I had a great time! I love to teach. And even more, I love to meet other writers and watch as they discover techniques and ideas that help them find their way in this complicated world of writing.

Every year I say, "This is the best class." This year is no exception--my students were the best. I can't wait to see them again and find out what they've been up to. Over the years I've met so many talented and honorable people and lots of them have become my friends. When I attend the summer conference a big part of the fun is connecting with my writing friends. Many of them I see only once a year, at the conference.

I had lots of great reunions, received and gave 100's of hugs, laughed and cried, and told stories. It was fabulous! A perfect week for me. The only downside is there's just not enough time and I'll have to wait another year to do it again. But I thank God for the gift of OCW. That is where I learned to write, where I received encouragement, and direction. And where I sold my first book.

After the conference I drove north to Washington where I was scheduled to do a booksigning at the Lindon Bookstore in Enumclaw. They have a great store, which includes an espresso bar. Their coffee is super.

Enumclaw sits at the feet of the Cascade Mountains with Mt. Rainier rising majestically above the forests and mountain ranges. On a clear day it sits regally, dazzling in the sunlight, and I can never look at it without thinking about the power and love of God. And I like Enumclaw. Everytime I visit, it tempts me to make my home there. It's the kind of place that makes you feel as if you've stepped back to a better time and place.

The get together at Lindon's was much more than a booksiging. Several readers and some people who were simply curious about me and my books gathered. We chatted, I read from my book, we chatted some more and laughed, and questions were asked and answered. It was great fun. And an employee of the store, Ida Hoxie, made the most delectable desserts--a cherry cream pie(I don't know the name, but it was fabulous) and brownies. So, while we visited we also, ate.

I had a fabulous time and made some new friends. I hope to do it again, not just in Enumclaw, but at other bookstores as well.

I have more booksignings, retreats, and workshops on my calendar and can't wait for the upcoming fun. I know there will be surprises and that I'll make new friends.

Being a writer is hard work, but it's also a blessing. I can't imagine another job I'd like better and I get to meet interesting, creative, and fun people. I thank God for my job. And I thank you, readers, for being there for me, encouraging me with your letters and for buying my books.

As long as you continue to read what I write I'll continue writing. Blessings to you all.

Bonnie Leon

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  1. It was SO good to see you and get one of those hundreds of hugs! I'm blogging about OCW this week, so stop by if you get a minute or two. :-)