Monday, October 08, 2007

A Prince Among Dogs

What would we do without our dogs? They are there for us when things are going great and when we are at our worst. And they still love us. Dogs bring an intense loyalty and love to our lives that no other pet--or human can match. When we want to give up they come to us with wagging tails and goofy smiles, asking to go for a walk or play tug-of -war. Nothing can lift our spirits like our dogs.

If you love dogs or know someone who does there's a book you need to get--A Prince Among Dogs and Other Stories of the Dogs We Love. In this heartwarming collection of true stories, you will meet many dogs--some big, some small, some rambunctious, and some serene. Each of them has played an important part in the lives of their humans.

I'm especially excited about this book because the story of my dog Benny is included in this compilation of touching tales. Benny was part of my family for thirteen years and is still missed. I hope you'll pick up a copy of this wonderful book and find out why we loved him so much.


  1. Congrats Bonnie on your story appearing in the book coming out. I know what you mean...I've had a lot of wonderful dogs and have a 2 yr old Shepherd now that I love. They're pretty special!

  2. Congrats on your story coming out. I just looked at your website and realized that I know you - or your books. I read the Sowers trilogy years ago. :) Good books!

  3. I love, love dogs so I am going to pick up a copy and read about Benny. :) Congratulations on your sale.

    Fabulous website. I'm thinking I need a redo too. Stop by my site and enter my contest for a 2008 scenic calender.