Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year!

If the truth be told, most of us consider (just consider mind you) making New Year's resolutions. Face it, we all need improvement. So, we resolve to change, but how many of us truly make lasting changes? My track record is pretty poor.

I have a list of much needed improvements, but without a miracle they're not going to happen. I know myself too well. Afterall, I've lived with me for fifty-five years. Even when I make positive steps forward I almost always fall back into old habits. So just thinking about New Years Resolutions makes me feel defeated. Yuck. I hate that part of myself, the no self-discipline part.

So I'm not even going there. Instead I'm just going to keep walking with my Lord and trust in the process. After all, God promises He will complete the work He began in me. And I can rely on Him. He never goes back on His promises. With that knowledge in my heart, each morning should be met with expectation because I know He has something for me that will work toward the promise He's made about my personal growth. The only stickler is that sometimes growing involves pain. Don't like that much but the outcome--me refined--is worth the polishing process.

So, I'll keep hanging out with my Father, my Friend, my Redeemer, my Protector, my Creator, my Lord, my . . . everything and change will come. I know it because He and I have a history together. He's brought me a long way and I trust Him. He will never leave me nor forsake me. I am His, the good and bad parts of me. He loves it all.

So New Years resolutions aren't part of my life. All that really matters is spending time with the Creator of the Universe, the One who knows me best and knows what's best for me. I plan to rest in His presence and soak in all the good He can give me. Like the warmth of a sunny day in spring I am imbued with faith, hope and love, which is given by Him.

So, this year I look forward to intimate moments with my Lord and the new insights He will give me, lessons he will teach, and His continued presence and protection. I trust that He will guide my steps and show me the way He wants me to go. Peace comes to me only when I contemplate on these things. I pray you also will find the peace that God gives--peace that passes all understanding.

Happy New Year!

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