Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tips For Triumphant Living--Let go.

If I were to take a test that indicated my stress level it would probably be off the scale. I'm a type "A" personality and life demands a lot from me, from most of us. There is always something going on. Presently I have all the usual--work, family, health issues, and things like gasoline prices. My husband and I are also building a house (never again), and my daughter is getting married in July. The wedding is good news, but as is often the case weddings also mean stress. My body doesn't much like stress and sometimes it tells me so.

There is a prayer called the Serenity Prayer, which says "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference."

Wise words we all should heed. Sometimes we simply need to let go.

There's so much about this life that we truly have no say about, things we cannot change no matter how much we may wish they were different. When we come face to face with these realities the healthiest response would be to accept the circumstances and offer them to God.

I've never seen a day of worry make anything better. But I've certainly seen it make things worse.

God waits to hear from us. He can contend with all of our troubles and disappointments. He's got everything under control. After all, He holds the world so perfectly in the universe that life thrives without our having to do a thing. So, what can we do that He can't?

To coin a phrase, "Don't worry. Be Happy."

Grace and peace to you from God.

Bonnie Leon

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  1. I agree. When we worry we are still trying to solve it rather than wait in humility for God to take care of things. Sounds simple but, oh, so difficult. It's something I'm working on...sometimes moment by moment!