Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tips For Trimphant Living--Trust God

This comes late, but I’ve been sick and laid up for a few weeks. Still, I feel compelled to post this message.

Tonight is November 4th, election day. The news is in. We have a new president—Barack Obama.

I did not vote for Mr. Obama. However, he will soon be the president of the United States, my president. I will respect him and do my best to support him. Above that I will, as a citizen, assist my country. I will remain informed, and stand up and speak out when necessary and maybe even hold up a sign in a public protest. I pray we will all be diligent citizens. America is the greatest country on earth and each of us must serve as guardians for truth and freedom.

For those who are disappointed in the country’s decision, take heart, God knows all there is to know. He has not forgotten His children. His eyes are upon this country. I pray for mercy, but no matter what comes I trust our Heavenly Father.

During Barack Obama’s acceptance speech I was moved by the emotion in the crowd there in Chicago. Especially the tears I saw in the African Americans' eyes who have waited and dreamed for such a day. A hundred years ago, the election of an African American for president was an impossibility and something one dare not even hope for. It is a huge step in our history and for that I am proud of my country.

I will pray for our new president as I have for previous presidents. And I will pray for my country, that there will be an awakening, that eyes would be opened and that God’s righteousness and grace would sweep across our land. And I will go on, serving my Lord and doing my best to fulfill His purpose in my life.

As children of God, may we all seek truth, share the gospel and love one another.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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