Friday, January 02, 2009

The Edge of Light

Ann Shorey is a critique partner and my friend. I'm proud to write a review of her first novel! She's a fabulous writer, and my new favorite author in Christian fiction.

The Edge of Light is a seamlessly written story of faith, courage and survival. The story begins in 1838 with Molly McGarvie, who lives in St. Lawrenceville, Missouri. When her husband Samuel dies she must find a way to provide for herself and her family. A woman of spirit and strength, Molly believes for the impossible and sets out on a journey that takes her and readers on a quest for a new life and a miracle.

Ann’s captivating writing style draws readers into the lives of Molly McGarvie, her companion Betsy who is more a friend than a slave, and Doctor Spangler who carries a burden only God can lift. Plus there is an interesting cast of characters you’ll pray for and cheer with, some you may even want to strangle. Ann’s attention to detail and her elegant writing style will draw you into every scene. You’ll experience emotions and encounters right along with her characters.

The Edge of Light is a fabulous first book! Once you read it, you’ll forever be an Ann Shorey fan. I am.