Saturday, July 17, 2010

Quiet Moments With God--More Than Just Signing Books

I love booksignings! I know a lot of authors dread them, for good reason. Sometimes we sit and sit without anyone stopping to chat or buy a book. That's difficult. But usually booksignings are opportunities to meet new people, chat with old friends and loyal readers, and on very special occasions we get to share Christ with someone. It's a wonderful time to connect with others.

Today I drove into my local bookstore, Living Hope Bibles, and settled down at a table that had been beautifully arranged with copies of my new book, Touching the Clouds, bookmarks and postcards and a gift basket. And people were waiting. :-)

A booksigning is actually a marketing tool, but today God used it for something more. He wanted to bless me as well as readers who stopped in. While one woman shared some of her life story with me I dabbed at tears as I learned how God had led her from hate to love. Another woman prayed for me--what a precious experience to go to our Heavenly Father together. Person after person shared their lives and allowed me to share mine. What a wonder it is to see once again how God's family is bonded in love.

I don't know how many books were sold, although I think the store did well. What really matters is the love and care that was expressed among God's family. It's a beautiful thing. I'm still feeling warm and fuzzy. I love that!

We don't need a special event to reach out. Love one another today and every day.

Grace and peace to you,



  1. Anonymous7:44 PM

    awww, that's just special! I had my 2 hr fame once at B&N--and since one of my stories was Harley biker related I put out lots of great biker pics of us. Best visit of all was 2 elementary boys who were soooo interested and darling. They yakked up a storm and made me laugh. It was such fun. I loved the attention, the adults, being treated so special--still have my big huge poster-heh heh, but those boys took the cake as well as my heart! <3

  2. howdy Bonnie,
    hope ya are having a very good day!

    I do hope there will bee more books to go along with

  3. I've heard horror stories about books signings but your experience sounds lovely. I imagine it is a very different atmosphere to holding one in a regular bookstore.
    And a good reminder that reaching out is something we can do anywhere, any time.

    I went to my Christian bookstore last week and struck up a conversaton with an 84 year old woman as we waited for the bus together to go home. Interestingly enough I was in a funk that day struggling with some things and feeling a bit disconnected and it was this elderly lady who reached out to me. She brought me so much hope with what she shared. You'd swear she could read my mind knew exactly what I needed. Her parting words to me were: "The Holy Spirit whispered to me that we needed to chat and when he prompts I listen!" Am I ever glad she did.

  4. Patti, those two boys probably have no idea that they had an impact on your life--that's how it is with us too. We need to remember we can make a difference just by being who we are.



  5. Jel, thanks. Book two is at the publishers and I'm working on book three. :-)

  6. Kav,

    I love to hear about special moments like what happend with you, when God reaches out to us in a special way. How amazing!

    Bless you,