Monday, August 02, 2010

Quiet Moments With God -- My Hero!

Do you remember the old dramas where the bad guy twirls his mustache and then ties a damsel in distress to railroad tracks? All looks lost. The train is coming and there seems to be no way to save the young woman who struggles to free herself. But . . . along comes a hero just in the knick of time. We watched the dramas, hoping and praying for a savior, and always knowing he'd show up.

I'm still doing that. Waiting, watching, wringing my hands and hoping for my hero to rescue me. Since the hero in my story is the Lord, it's silly of me to worry. He's never let me down.

In a Bible Study I attend we're going through 1 Samuel. In chapter fourteen, verse twenty-three it says, "So the Lord rescued Israel that day." If you go back and read the story all looked lost for Israel. They were facing a battle against the Philistines and they had no weapons. Except for Saul and his son Jonathon, the army was unarmed. They needed a hero.

Jonathon believed and trusted God. He knew God would come to the rescue, and he did. On the day of the battle the earth shook, the Philistines panicked and Israel was saved.

We have our own battles. Some feel insurmountable and sometimes I feel as if I'm going against them unarmed. It's not true. I'm not on my own, not ever. God is with me and he is the one who rescues me. Scripture tells me that when I pray he hears and he will not turn away. With him at my side I can stand strong against any foe. God is mighty and righteous. He is my hero.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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