Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Quiet Moments With God -- Ready For The Trials?

The past three months, I've felt as if I've been overtaken by affliction. For many years, physical difficulties have been part of my life. The difference this time is that my pain has been more intense, and I've been "benched", so to speak. I like my independence and to be honest, this stinks. But as I've moved through these difficult months a thought has resonated through my mind--Crisis always reveals a persons true character.

In this training ground, I haven't always liked what I've seen. If I were to give myself a grade for character in the midst of these difficult days I'd have to give myself a B-, which isn't really reliable since grading on character, especially one's own, can be very subjective. I do know I have a lot of growing to do when it comes to trusting God.

Being in God's training ground is part of our Christian experience, part of our maturing in Christ. The toughtest challenges often produce the greatest growth so we need to be grateful for trials. I definitely need work in this area.

When I consider the life of an athlete, they work hard to perfect their bodies and their abilities. As a test approaches they intensify their training. The work becomes grueling, but on the day of the race they're grateful they worked hard. Our own races approach and today is for training.

Let's be ready. Trials will come. Some of them will require super human strength

So, how do we train? First, remember if we can't do the small stuff, we won't be prepared for the big stuff.

We begin with God--He is the source of wisdom, knowledge, courage and strength. He is our foundation, and if we're not standing on Him the ground beneath us will be unstable. When our world trembles, we'll stumble and fall, and quiver in fear. Keep trusting Him and take heart. God is merciful. He understands our imperfectons and when we fall He will lift us up and set us on our feet again.

Growing in the Lord is a private thing. Accept His gift of love and return it. Spend time with your Lord. Get to know Him. He longs to spend time with you.

Our journeys are taken one step at a time. So walk. Worship. Grow strong. And be ready.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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