Monday, December 13, 2010


Christmas is only twelve days away. The malls and stores are crowded with harried shoppers, who seem to have forgotten what the season is all about--Love, Joy, Peace--Christ.

I was reading in 2nd Peter this morning in chapter one vs 19. and these words leaped out at me, The words of the prophets are like a lamp shining in a dark place. I thought about believers who are in the midst of the shopping crowds. Are we a light in a dark world?

In recent years I've had great fun shining a bit of light of my own -- at my local Walmart or Fred Meyer or Costco. I love to look people in the eye, smile and tell them "Merry Christmas". Always . . . always I receive a smile and a Merry Christmas in return. Sometimes there is a look of pleasant surprise or the recognition of one Christian to another. And often I've watched the person move on, their step a little lighter.

So, my challenge to you this week is to reach out and be a light. Share the joy that is Christmas with others. I'd love to hear what you did and what the response was. There are lots of ways to shine a light into the darkness--be creative and have fun.



  1. Beautiful reminder. I try to distance myself from the harried crowds and that cranky sense of panic that seems to descend on a multitude of shoppers the closer Christmas draws near. I never go to a mall for a marathon shop or when time is tight. And when I do head to the stores I go with one errand in mind and make myself slow down and not get carried away in the frenzy. Then, when I'm in a line up I start counting my blessings (learned this trick from another wise blogger). I even let people in line ahead of me and they are so astonished they don't know what to say. I just serenely smile and keep counting. It's made me very calm this Christmas season. Mind you I don't have a huge crowd to buy for so I can afford to take the time to shop this way.

  2. Kav, you are obviously a very wise person. And I love your idea of allowing people to move ahead of you in line. How nice of you.

    May you have the merriest of Christmas's.

    Grace & peace.