Sunday, February 27, 2011


Worst Oscars ever?

Already the vultures are out, putting their stamp of disapproval on this yearly star-studded event. There have been times when I've joined those who seem to take pleasure in degrading the successful. Shame on me.

I love movies. They take me places I'll never go, they make me cry or make me laugh when I feel like crying. Some inspire me or leave me speechless and thoughtful. And tonight was a time to honor and reward hard work and talent. Anne Hathaway was fun and funny. And although, as always, Oscars were given for movies I've not seen (yet) and to professions I know nothing about, I know that those awarded and those nominated worked hard to get where they are.

Even though I'm an avid movie goer, I admit to not fully appreciating the skill, labor, commitment and tenacity of actors, film directors, cinematographers, costume designers and all the other numerous talented people involved in the movie world.

I apologize for taking their gifts and hard work for granted. I should know better. I'm a writer and I know about the endless hours given to my craft, the many sacrifices made to produce a book, not just by me but by all the others who work in the industry who make a book happen.

It is my contention that I will always love movies. I can't wait for another opportunity to sit in a darkened theater with a bag of popcorn and become lost in a story made possible by actors who worked hard to learn their craft, who insisted on doing what they love and for all those who work in the background who make movies possible. Thank you--all of you.

Maybe it is time to consider the people who touch our lives every day and make them better . . . and to say, "Thank you."

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. I used to work behind the scenes in a cable television station and it's given me a respect for all the talent and work that goes into making a movie. But I don't go for all the glitz of Hollywood.

    Love the way you phrased your love for movies. "They take me places I will never go, they make me cry or make me laugh when I feel like crying. Some inspire me or leave me speechless and thoughtful." That's the way I feel about books!

    I love watching movies, but I'm not someone who rushes out to see the latest releases right away. I'll often wait until they come out on DVD. However I'm first in line at a bookstore when it comes to a new release my a favourite author!

  2. Good morning, Kav.

    I'm with you. I love books. And almost always the book is better than the movie. There are exceptions, like The Secret Life of Bees -- book and movie were both wonderful.

    My husband's not a reader, but just like sharing a movie, we share books sometimes too. Only, I read to him. It's fun that way.
    : -)

    Have a blessed day.