Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quiet Moments With God -- Wonderment

Nature reminds us of our Creator. Sometimes it's something spectacular like the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls, but often He reveals Himself to us in the simple things of life--like an egg or a worm. God's creation is everywhere, but we often miss The Creator in what we see as something insignificant. Children give us sight because they see Him. In their eyes the world is new and interesting. They see the wonder of His creation.

Today my granddaughter, Olivia, reminded me of God's wonder. While picking black berries she was thrilled over each plump berry, dropping them into our bowl and eating one every now and then. To her they were more valuable than gold . . . maybe they are.

Along our way, we stopped at the hen house to gather eggs and discovered a tiny egg--the very first one laid by one of our young hens. Olivia was overjoyed at the little hen's accomplishment and thought the small egg was extra special. We congratulated the hen and went on our way to the house.

Before we could wash the berries, Olivia spied what she thought was a small stick, but when she went to pluck it off the berries it moved. She was fascinated by the stick that seemed to be alive. Upon closer examination we discovered it was a tiny worm. When he felt threatened he held completely still and looked just like a stick. I explained that it was his way of hiding so creatures like birds wouldn't eat him.

Olivia was enthralled. We watched him for a few minutes as he moved over the berries. When Olivia put her finger close to him he'd straighten and go into his stick costume. Olivia wanted to show her brothers and her mother and so she set off with her rare find. As she hurried out the door, she talked to the little worm, reassuring him she wasn't a bird.

I enjoyed the berries, the egg and the worm so much more than usual because I saw them through the eyes of a child. They are truly a wonder. We're surrounded by God's amazing creations. There is so much to marvel at. But we've got to look if we want to see. It helps to have the eyes of a child.

Have you seen something recently with fresh eyes?

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. This brought a smile this morning! There really isn't anything like the wonderment of a child,is there?

  2. Jayne8:41 AM

    Oh how deliciously true! Someone once told me that since they had lived in Oregon for 6 yrs. now, that they don't notice the beauty of or the roses like they used to. How sad I have lived her all my life (48 yrs.) and still glory in the beauty of Gods creation. I love our mountains and our worms haha.


  3. Kav, I'm so grateful for my grandchildren. They are always reminding me to look and see the wonders of God. They are are so dear and a huge blessing.

  4. Jayne, I remember when I first moved here, thirty-one years ago, that when I drove from home to town (20 miles) I'd praise God all the way because it was so beautiful and I was so thankful. Over time, I got used to the beauty and stopped noticing. I don't remember exactly how I was reminded that I was missing it, but one day I realized I'd lost sight of where I live. And since then I try to always see the wonder around me. My grandchildren are a big help.

    We do have some really neat critters and no matter what season it is it's always beautiful here.

  5. You are so blessed. I remember the days and the walks with kids and grands. I do try to stop and examine the intricate pattern of a full bloom rose, as well as the gladiolas etc. Sometimes I stand at the gate to get the full effect of Springs labor. All created by an awesome God.

  6. Linda, these are days of blessing -- And memory building--And remembering my Father God who loves me and will never leave me. He is always with His children and never forsakes them.

    Love you dear lady.