Friday, September 23, 2011

Topic of the Day -- What Do You See?

What do you see from your front porch?

I watched a movie tonight in which a man spent hours sitting on his front porch. He watched the world outside his home, observing the people but not really seeing them. He couldn't look beyond his own pain and prejudices. However, as the story progresses, against his better judgment he begins to connect with his neighbors. Strangers become friends. And by the end of the movie he loves them so deeply he gives his life for them. A man can do no more than that for another.

I got to thinking about what we see. Or if we see at all? Is it possible that we look through a veil of self interest, fear or prejudice?

I feel especially blessed because I live in the forest. When I look out from my front porch I see God. His creation surrounds me. The sights, sounds and smells are things he made with His own hands. But I am sometimes oblivious to His creation. I forget about God and His wonders, forget to be grateful. With forgetfulness comes spiritual blindness.

I've sometimes thought it would be so nice to live in town where I could watch the world go by--children getting on or off a school bus, a couple strolling down the street or a young man jogging. I'd enjoy feeling connected to the world, but even as I say that I wonder why I sometimes feel separate from it.

We are all linked to one another. We are created by the same God. And when we place our trust in Christ God becomes Father. We're all part of one family--God's awesome and amazing gift to us.

What do you see from your front porch?

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Ah, Bonnie, good question. I see the best of both worlds. Forest, hills, lake, pastures, animals, birds, clouds, stars and sunsets. A turn of the head and I know if my neighbor is home. My ear is attuned to cows and chickens being fed and my horse playing in the pasture. The sound of barking dogs tells me they are greeting each other or that there is a stranger on the road. My God is an awesome God.

  2. Linda, you do indeed have the best of both worlds. Enjoy. : - )

  3. We have a postage stamp size yard, but the back is lined with fir trees. It kind of feels like we're in our own little world.
    Out the front though, we have kids running up and down the sidewalks, and people walking dogs. It's quite and we love it.

  4. walking here with a smile. take care.. have a nice day ~ =D

    Regards, (A Growing Teenager Diary) ..

  5. Great opportunity to stop and reflect, Bonnie. I used to live in a highrise on a very busy street. My apartment was on the ground floor so the curtains were always drawn and the windows shut. It was like living in a tomb. I went from there to renting a run-down little bungalow on a very friendly street. Lots of dogs and children -- road hockey games all weekend long and most evenings. People gardening and porch visiting. Dad's carrying steaming mugs of coffee while they trail their toddlers and balance babies in back carriers.

    I've lived here five years and I haven't put up any curtains at my living room windows yet. I just can't bring myself to shut out all that life-celebrating activity. It makes me feel reborn in contrast to that bleak apartment!

  6. Kav, I'm so glad you were able to move out of the apartment. Friendly streets are nice. : - )