Monday, December 12, 2011

Quiet Moments With God -- Tis The Season

How is the Christmas season for you this year? Is your head full of Christmas carols, gift lists, things to do? Are you singing while you drive along the highway or spending lots of time in the kitchen baking Christmas goodies?

Or are you saying "Tis the season . . . NOOOT?"

For some, this isn't a happy time. In fact, expectations often drag us down. Family time isn't what we'd expected. There's not enough money for "just the right" gift or maybe we have no money at all and there will be no gifts. Some are spending the holidays alone and are lonely. Illness can erase the joy of the season. And often when we most count on family, this is the time when conflicts arise. Christmas can be a sad, sad time.

That's not God's fault. He never intended that we have a commercial Christmas. The Christmas we know is man made. I want to clarify that I'm not a Grinch or a Scrooge. I love Christmas with all it if its beauty and wonder, including good food, gifts, caroling and family gatherings. I love it all. But if we strip away man's version of Christmas we will see the true wonder and beauty of the season. A new born babe. Christ the Son of God. God in the flesh. The Sacrificial lamb. The Savior of the world.

Christmas is the day we celebrate the birth of The One who came to save mankind. He went to the cross out of obedience to His Father. And because of Him, we who believe, look forward to an eternal heavenly reward with our Father God.

Remember the Baby Jesus and you will find joy. Remember Him, the Lord Jesus Christ. Remember those who are without Christ and tell them of God's mercy and grace. Tell them that Christmas is about more than gifts and sparkling lights.

It is a time to celebrate.

Joy to you and to all the world.



  1. Wonderful reminder, I have posted a few times on this subject so far this month and have anther one I will post on Wed related to this. Each time I sit down to write a post God keeps bringing this subject to mind. I think God want's his people to remember the true meaning of Christmas.
    If you have time, please stop by my blog and check out these posts related to Christmas. I would love to hear your opinions.

  2. TC, in today's society it's far too easy to forget. And some people are trying to eject Christ from society. We have a battle on our hands.

    Bless you. And I will stop by your site.

  3. it's always all about Jesus! <3