Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Books & Writing -- The Colonel's Lady

I'm back and sorry to have been MIA here on my blog. With the launch of my new book Joy Takes Flight my schedule has been filled with online and radio interviews, giveaway contests and book signings. But I've returned and am so excited to share a great book with you. 

If you love historical romance The Colonel's Lady by Laura Frantz is a must read. It's 1779 when Roxanna Rowan and Colonel Cassius McLinn meet in the Kentucky frontier. However, conditions couldn't be worse. 

It is a tumultuous time in history where the wild Kentucky countryside is drawn into the midst of war. Anticipating a reunion with her father, who is serving under Colonel Cassius McLinn at an isolated Kentucky fort, Roxanna Rowan leaves her Virginia home. Her hopes of a loving reunion with her father are dashed when she receives news that he has been killed in battle. Penniless, she has no recourse but to remain at the fort where she serves under Colonel McLinn as a scrivener. 

He is a leader respected by his men and by the enemy. He has a reputation that inspires, but on a personal level he's complex and mysterious. He drinks too much, holds people at a distance and seems unfeeling. However,  Roxanna sees flashes of tenderness and compassion in the colonel, which only makes it more difficult for her to resist his dashing good looks.

Roxanna is drawn to Colonel McLinn but she's heard he's betrothed to a woman who lives in his homeland of Ireland so she keeps her distance. Holding him at arms length is not easy. There is a strong chemistry and passion smoldering between these two. I must admit that the emotional heat kept me turning pages as I hoped for a meeting of minds and hearts.  

Romance, history and story are perfectly blended in this story of an impossible love. Laura's writing is exquisite and she is a genius at creating tension. She plants readers into each and every scene. You will join the characters as they face the fears and sorrows of war, the challenges of living in the Kentucky wilderness and experience the longing for a better life.

I am now a Laura Frantz fan. Pick up a copy of this great book today!  

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Bonnie, I'm so blessed to read your review tonight when I really needed a lift. You always bring a blessing:) It's such an honor that you took time for my books, gifted and busy author that you are. You just don't know what that means to me.

    Praying for you as you enjoy your newest release! Bless you so much for blessing me.

  2. Laura, thank you for writing. You are a dear, dear person.

    I'm thrilled that this review gave you a lift today. But. . . that's not why I wrote it. I want to share good books with my readers and this is a fabulous book (in my estimation). And we're on the same team--God's team. Yeah!

    Praying that you have lots of good days ahead.