Sunday, February 01, 2015

The Journey - A Forever Friend

Forever friends are something some of us never have. They are a rare treasure. Those of us who have such friends, know we are blessed.

Kathie and I met when she was sixteen and I was seventeen (I'm 63 now). I remember the day well. She came into my home-economics class and all of us girls hissed under our breath - she was so beautiful. The last thing we needed was gorgeous competition. You know how teen-age girls can be. Ugh.

I was prepared not to like Kathie. I figured she was probably a snob. I couldn't have been more wrong.

The teacher matched up Kathie and I as cooking partners. And although I wanted to dislike her it was impossible. She was so nice and so much fun. We became good friends right away.

High School Graduation Celebration
Kathie and I are the two in the middle.

Back in those days, the 60's and 70's, we had a lot of fun and sometimes we got into trouble. But we also protectively stood by the other. Sometimes I came to her rescue and sometimes she came to mine. Somehow we survived those years in one piece. 

Time passed, as it has a way of doing. We married, had children, and moved on. Through the years, we were in and out of one another's lives. And even if our paths hadn't crossed for a long while when we'd reconnect our friendship remained strong.

Kathie was a warrior. She stood up for what she believed even when it meant she'd have to face negative consequences. She was loyal and brave. She spoke with conviction ... even when she was wrong. We didn't always agree, but that was all right because we always accepted the other just as we were.

When I was twenty-three, I was in a terrible place. Kathie was a new believer, but bravely shared the truth of Jesus Christ with an impervious me and changed my life. In those early months of discovery, we'd hang on the phone into the wee hours of the morning reading scripture to one another, exclaiming over its beauty and power.  

More than twenty years ago, Kathie and her family moved from Washington to Southern Oregon. They purchased a place just five acres away from my family. How cool is that?

When we learned she was ill and facing a tough battle, I knew she'd fight hard. And she did - with courage and good humor and a strong faith in God.

Although very ill, Kathie donned a costume 
and celebrated Halloween in 2013.

Her battle ended last week when she went home to the Lord. I know she's in heaven, vibrant and healthy. I can see her with her arms outstretched, dancing and worshiping the Lord of Lords.

Our friendship was imperfect and beautiful. It's an incredible thing to have a friend who knows the darkest places of your heart and yet loves you just as you are. Kathie made my life better.

Thank you, Kathie, for being a true friend. I'll be seeing you.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. What a beautiful tribute to a lovely friend, Bonnie. I loved hearing how Kathie was part of your salvation experience and an encouragement to you throughout your life. Of course you will miss her terribly, but I know you're so thankful for all the wonderful memories you have. Here's a great big hug of comfort for you from me.

  2. What a blessing to have such an amazing friend! Praying so hard for you right now as your heart aches so!

  3. What a beautiful tribute!!!