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Wednesday Book Giveaway & Guest Author, Alexis Goring

Hello. Welcome to my Wednesday book giveaway.

I also have a guest, Alexis Goring. Thank you, Alexis for joining us.

Alexis A. Goring is a writer at heart and a journalist by profession. She loves the art
of storytelling and is especially delighted to have released her first book, an inspirational
romance novella called Hope in My Heart: A Collection of Heartwarming Stories.

When Alexis is not working on her next book or chasing down the next big story for the
newspaper where she works as a freelance reporter, she can be found listening to songs by her most admired musicians, enjoying the food in cafes/restaurants, shopping at her favorite malls and spending quality time with loved ones (family and friends).

Places to find Alexis online:
Official website - http://www.alexisagoring.com/
Official Author page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAlexisAGoring
Twitter handle - @pennedbyalex 

Alexis took time to answer a few questions:
  • Alexis, your new book, Hope in My Heart, is an inspirational novella composed of three short stories. This is somewhat unique in today’s market. What gave you the idea?
Honestly? I don’t know. I think what happened was that I had a collection of short stories from over the years, so I chose three of the best, set the stories into one manuscript and sent it to a book editor. 

Regarding short story collections, one of my favorite short story collections to read growing up was Christmas in My Heart by Joe Wheeler. My grandma had most of those stories and I liked to read through it. So when I decided that my first book would be a collection of short stories that shared the common theme of hope, and I prayed about what to call it, one day I felt the words “Hope in My Heart” land softly on my heart and in that moment, I knew that should be the title of my book. 

Since it is a novella composed of three fictional stories about hope/faith/love, I added the subtitle, “A Collection of Heartwarming Stories.”

My novella shares no relation to Wheeler’s famous collection, just a similar title. 
  • Is there a theme running through the stories, as the book title implies?
Yes, the theme is hope. All of my characters are in need of hope in one form or another.

We all need more hope. I look forward to reading your stories.
  • What did your journey into writing look like? What’s been the best and worst moments along the way…so far?
My journey into writing was steady and consistent yet filled with ups and downs. I’ve known since age 9 that I want to be a writer and since then, pursued it. I wrote stories on the family computer every chance I got and spent summers in the library reading books—mainly clean romances or series like Sweet Valley High.

When I started high school, I joined the Journalism and Yearbook staff and delved deep into learning how to be a good writer and photographer. After high school, I majored in Journalism and graduated with my B.A. in Print Journalism. Following that, I worked at a magazine as an intern then the ups and downs started as I took detours after that internship…working in office administration and teaching. 

Currently, I work as a freelance writer/proofreader and I love what I do but am still riding the rollercoaster to following my dreams.

The best moments are being able to do what I love to do. I write like I breathe. Writing to me is just as important as breathing. I don’t just want to write; I need to write! And God continues to give me plenty of opportunities to do just that such as through the release of my first book in Sept. 2013, my former job as the Growing Up columnist for Collegiate Quarterly (a faith-based publication), among other opportunities including my passion for blogging.

The worst moments are when I don’t know if this is meant to be a lifetime career or just something I do for free out of the pure love and innate need to connect with people through words and stories. 

Your story is impressive. You've invested a lot into your career.
  • What is your favorite part of writing? Least favorite?
Everything, seriously! I love everything about writing from character creation to dialogue to paying attention to the details in the storytelling process. The least favorite part is when I have to do more content edits than I think I can handle. 

Heavy editing can be grueling, but after its been done I'm always glad I did it.
  • Is there something of yourself in these stories, or one you relate to more than the others?
I believe there’s a little aspect of me in just about all of my characters, especially these three: Chandra from Love Unexpected, Christina from The Best Gift, Elle from Peace and Love. 

Chandra is an independent woman who excels in the workplace but guards her heart when it comes to finding and keeping true love with the man of her dreams. 

Christina loves carbs but hates what it does to her body. So she’s into fitness and pursuing a healthy eating lifestyle not just to fit into her bridesmaid’s dress at her sister’s wedding but forever.

Elle is a “starving artist” who is seeking work that will allow her to be creative and support herself financially.

Anyone who truly knows me would agree. 
  • When you’re not working, what do you do for fun?
Watching movies on The Hallmark Channel, visiting my favorite cafes and restaurants with loved ones, shopping, listening to music, relaxing at the spa or enjoying good reads at my favorite bookstore
  • If you could share just one thing with your readers or other writers, what would it be?
Writers: Don’t give up. Hope is on the horizon.
Readers: Reading expands your horizons! So keep reading good books!

Good advice.  :-)
  • What are you working on now?
My next book but I cannot share the details at this point and time.

Hmm. Intriguing. 
  • Where can readers find you online?
Author page on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/AuthorAlexisAGoring

My blog, “God is Love” - http://capturingtheidea.blogspot.com/

Website - http://alexisagoring.com/

Twitter - @pennedbyalex

Alexis New Book

Hope in My Heart is a collection of short, heartwarming stories with characters in need of hope.

In Love Unexpected, a car crash brings commitment-wary Sebastian and career woman
Chandra together. Neither is looking for romance, but those around them see the potential, and
Sebastian and Chandra discover that sometimes love shows up unexpectedly.

Christmastime is the setting for the middle story, “The Best Gift.” Christina desires to lose ten
pounds so she can fit into her dress for her sister’s wedding. Jordan wishes her mom would stop
trying to marry her off. And Joshua hopes to be reunited with his ex-girlfriend but eventually
learns that the best gift this Christmas will be the restoration of his relationship with God.

In Peace and Love, three characters living in a metropolitan area are desperately searching.
Elle, a starving artist, aspires to become a paid professional. Eric, a divorce attorney, wants to
resolve his issues concerning his parents’ divorce. Kristine anticipates finding her birth mom
before she marries Derek. All characters pray their searches will conclude this holiday season
and fill their hearts with peace and love.

Alexis, this sounds really good and just what I need. 

Purchase links:

Amazon.com, http://amzn.to/1it3pxT
BarnesandNoble.com, http://bit.ly/1mGHW95
Christianbook.com, http://bit.ly/1RwEjQ2  

We have a winner from last week ... Deborah Thomas, congratulations! 

If you'd like a chance to win an ebook copy of this week's book, Hope in My Heart, just leave a comment along with your email address. I'll announce this week's winner next Wednesday.

Grace and peace to you from God,



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