Thursday, October 29, 2015

Cross Country Adventure - Day Five


Greg and I are getting the RV ready to head out tomorrow. We're making a short trip to Central Oregon to see our kids and grand-kids. I can't wait. We may run into snow later in the week ... so we're not sure when we'll be heading back home.

When we made our cross-country trip in 2006 we first spent time with family in Central Oregon and then set out. If only we were doing that again. Ah well, at least I get to relive some of the memories written in my blog journal while I worked on my book To Dance With Dolphins. Are you ready for the next leg of our research trip? 

Tuesday, Octoer 10, 2006

"Tonight we're sleeping in Hinesville, Georgia. We've logged more than 4,00 miles on our truck and still haven't put our feet in the Atlantic. Tomorrow is the day. We're heading into Savannah to have a good look at the historic city and then plan to walk on an Atlantic beach.

On October 7th, when we drove into Nashville, I felt a bit discouraged. It was too late to go downtown and stop in at some of the honky tonks. Plus Loretta Lynn was performing at the Grand Ole Opry and there was no way to get tickets. *Sigh* So instead, we had a late dinner at a very nice restaurant and had a fun chat with a sweet gal who served our meal. It turned out to be a good evening in spite of MY unfulfilled plans.

The morning of the 8th, we decided a trip to the Country Music Hall of Fame would be something my characters would do and so we went. It's an amazing place. Three floors, each more than a block long and a block wide are filled with country music history, videos, music and all kinds of instruments, stage costumes and stories about the stars. There were even some of the well-known performer's cars.

I learned a great deal and gained new respect for the country music industry and its celebrated musicians. Being there gave me insights that will help me better understand one of my characters (the infamous Taylor) and her passion for music.

I had a mishap while there. My husband and I took seats in a small theater and waited for a showing of country greats. I asked Greg, "Do you have the camera?" He said, "No." A thud went off in my chest. I looked around my seat to see where I'd put it. I couldn't find it. Panic set in. There were more than 200 photos on the card in the camera, all taken since leaving Oregon.

Greg and I set out in different directions. We had to find that camera! I was near tears and praying. Retracing my steps, I checked all the places I'd sat to watch and listen to videos. I couldn't find the camera anywhere.

And then I saw Greg. Triumphantly he held the camera above his head. Yay! I started breathing again.

I'd left the camera on a bench where I'd sat down to rest. This was not the first time I'd left something behind. Greg is now in charge of the camera, except for picture-taking. 

God is so good.

It was nearly time to head down the road and I still needed to get inside the legendary honky tonk, Tootsies. An important scene takes place there. Claire will know Sean much better before they head to Savannah, Georgia.

We were told there'd be no parking anywhere close to Tootsies and by this time my back was hurting too badly to walk several blocks so we drove to the corner where Legends (another honky tonk) and Tootsies are located. Greg parked on the street and said he'd try to stay put while I went in. I hurried inside, clicked a few photos, tried to get a feel for the place and then hurried outside. Greg was gone. I figured he'd driven around the block and would be back any minute.

And then all of a sudden, there he was in front of me, wearing a big grin. The truck was parked right across the street. A parking spot "just happened to open up." God is sooo good.

We went in, found a seat at the bar and ordered a couple of Cokes. It was great! I was tempted to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

A country singer, getting experience and hoping too be discovered was on stage playing her guitar and singing an original tune. She was good. I hope she makes it. It was fabulous to be there, soaking in the history and character of the place. I am SO ready to write the scene!

We left Nashville and headed south down Interstate 75. Driving through Atlanta was a thrill - huge freeways and wild drivers. We stayed in Jonesboro that night and then headed for Hinesville the next day.

While driving down Highway 16, my husband spotted a Dodge dealership in Macon. Our brakes had been acting funny, so we stopped to get them checked. One of the mechanics said it might take up to three hours to look them over and fix them. I was not thrilled. I wanted to get to Hinesville. But God's timing is always perfect.

We settled into chairs in the customer waiting room and chatted with another customer who was waiting, Anthony Butler. He turned out to be a terrific guy and as the time passed he shared some of his life with us. What he said impacted me, and his knowledge and experiences will make my story richer. We plan to stay in touch.

I have to mention my hero - my husband. While I've been taking notes, talking into my tape recorder, and typing scenes on my laptop, he's been driving. And every night when we stop and I'm resting my back he unloads all our stuff, which includes my writing paraphernalia and everything I need to make me more comfortable. And the next morning, while I'm giving my back time to unkink, he loads everything back into the truck. And tonight while I'm working on this, he's doing laundry. Thank you, Greg. I love you.

Tomorrow, we plan to make a trip to Savannah and to the beach where we will dip our toes in the Atlantic. It promises to be a special day."

More of our journey tomorrow.

Today's Question:   Do you have a hero or heroine in your life?

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I'll see you tomorrow. Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. Anonymous12:27 PM

    Of course I do---and I met him 50 yrs ago and married him 42 yrs ago---my Randy is my hero to be sure. Always and forever. He treats me like your Greg does you---it's humbling, special, and just sortakinda holy. I cannot write all about him cuz it sounds like so much over the top bragging and unreal---but he really is sortakinda like Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way! But only practically... >3

  2. So happy for you two. Everything I hear from you confirms that you have a real live hero for a partner.

    Bless you.

  3. It's probably cliche but I would say my parents. Especially after losing them. And the older I get and know others experiences with their parents, the more I realize how blessed I was!

  4. My husband, he loves me unconditionally and my best friend, she keeps me sane :)

  5. Kim, I pray you'll discover that someone who inspires and uplifts you.

  6. Thinkscrap (oh how I wish I knew your name), I'm sorry your parents are gone, but thankful they were the kind of people you could appreciate and look up to.

    Lynette, husbands who are best friends are the best.

    1. Bonnie, I (think scrap) am Sara Derscheid.

  7. Thanks so much for sharing. I think our world needs heroes, don't you?

    Drawing gift winners tonight!