Monday, September 23, 2019

Forever His.

I've been feeling melancholy today. I learned this week that someone I  trust and love and very much admire in the faith has a starkly different perspective of eternal security than I do.

I believe Go has laid out a clear path too understanding whether or not our salvation is secure. In John He tells us several times that all we must do to be saved is to believe in the Son of God. Ephesians four reminds us that believers are sealed for all time. (powerful words).

When we believe we become brand new creations through Christ. We are regenerated and adopted as God's own children. And though a child may become disappointed, even angry with a parent they will always be His child. There are no give-backs in the Kingdom.. 

If one of my own children became so angry or disappointed in me that they felt they actually hated me and told me they would never have anything more to do with me, they would still be my child. We are bonded by blood, just as we are bonded with Christ by His blood. I would be heartbroken, but I would still be the mother of that child because the bond of blood cannot be broken.

Since my conversation with my Christian brother, I've spent many hours studying applicable scriptures. And I've been reassured that my salvation is secure. Though I may lose heavenly rewards, I will never lose my place in eternity with my Father. Praise Him for his mercy!

So, what now? I've prayed. My husband has prayed. We wait.

Our Heavenly Father has whispered, "Seek me, Trust me - Do you trust me?"

"Yes. We trust you."

"All right then. This path is not too difficult for you. Remain in m e and see what work I have for you to do."

We will do our best to follow God and His will for us. Each day, each step is about what He wants, not just for us but also from  us. We ask for His wisdom and when we should speak and when to be silent. And when it is time to speak, we seek guidance from the Holy Spirit in what we should and should not say.

Christians are never going to agree on all things. We're just people and that's okay. But, there are some lines we cannot cross. Those things that are stronger than personal convictions, the truths that come straight from God's Word. Those we must stand on. And we will stand ... though with gentleness and in love.

Grace ad peace to you from God,



  1. May the Lord bless your day.

  2. Anonymous12:07 PM

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