Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tips for triumphant living -- Keep on Dancing

"You Gotta Keep Dancin’" is the title of a book written by Tim Hansel, a man who was badly injured in a mountain-climbing accident and who learned how to live triumphantly. If you get a chance read it.

Making the statement to keep on dancing isn’t so hard, but living it is. I know. After an accident took my "normal" life from me I was sucked into a vacuum of pain and disability. The day came when I had to choose--soak and sour or live. I decided to live.

Life is crowded with trauma—injustice, illness or accidents, the loss of friendships or the loss of someone we love, financial difficulties and unresolved conflicts just to name a few. We’re going to get hit by troubles. It's a given. And when the difficulties come, they can transform our lives—for better or worse.

So, if we know suffering will come we should prepare. What can we do? There's really only one reliable answer--walk closer to God. He is our strength and He's the one who will sustain us through the hard stuff.

When difficulty finds us we must choose how we'll live--will we wither or will we dance?

Some troubles are mountainous and “getting through” is a process of recovery. Sometimes it’s not possible to step through difficulties wearing a smile and proclaiming victory. We’re human—we’re not God. But we do have a God who holds out His arms and asks that we leave our troubles in His care. He will not force us to trust Him, but He does promise that we can. Shall we leave the trials with Him or hold on to our disappointment and fear?

I know about soaking and souring; I’ve done my share. But languishing in self-pity or clinging to bitterness never made my life better, not even for a moment. Only when I give my angst to God am I able to dance again, to see God at work in my life, to watch sorrow turn to joy.

Life is good! Step out in courage, move forward without the weight of your troubles, find the joy and keep on dancing. :-)


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