Sunday, February 24, 2008

Quiet Moments With God -- Take Possession of the Land.

Earlier this week while reading Joshua my mind went to a special day, a moment when God answered the prayer of a broken-hearted woman. On that day He gave me all I’d asked for and more.

There was a time when my husband and I were getting a divorce (that’s another story). As a new believer I understood, as a child does, that her Daddy can do anything. So I asked God to restore my marriage, bless us with children, and allow me the privilege of being part of a Christian family. And I also asked if He’d mind giving us a home on acreage. I know it sounds silly, but having a little farm was part of my dream.

God honored my prayer. My husband and I were reconciled. When, Greg, asked me to try again I was afraid; I’d been deeply wounded. But like Joshua God wanted me to take possession of the land—to be courageous and to obey. So with what little faith I had I stepped forward, trusting in the promise. My husband and I fell in love again and in the years that followed we were blessed with three children. We worshiped together and served together. And then one day we were given the home I’d prayed for so many years before.

When the land (five acres) was offered it made no sense to purchase it and move from one state to another. My husband had a terrific job in Seattle and the United States was in the midst of a terrible recession. But God said, “Go, take possession of the land I give you.” With our shield of faith in place we moved to the foothills of Southern Oregon.

The transition wasn’t easy—the recession had taken hold in our rural community. We faced innumerable obstacles and challenges, but God walked with us through each and every one. We’ve spent twenty-seven years in this place that He gave us. We raised our children here, served our community and our church and have offered hospitality to many who have walked through our door. And we’ve loved each other here. This place is our promised land.

There are days when all I see are the ruts in the driveway, the mud tracked in on the carpet, the garden that needs tending and I think that a small place in town with sidewalks and city water might be nice. God in His graciousness reminds me of all that He’s given. Me and my family have been blessed beyond measure here in the foothills of the Cascades. If my husband and I had been too afraid or too distracted or too something and had not listened to our Lord’s leading we would have missed out on His special gift to us.

I am living a dream. God gave me more than I could ever hope for. My Christian children are grown now with children of their own. And I am privileged to be a part of their lives. I am still in love with the man I married 36 years ago and we still reside on the land God gave us.

Is God offering you “a promised land”? Don’t be afraid. He knows the beginning and the end and He will stand with you while you take possession.

Grace & peace to you from God.



  1. Hi! I too feel I'm living in the promised land because I stepped out in faith and was willing to let God heal my marriage. Awesome testimony, Bonnie. :-)

  2. Hey there, Christina.

    It strikes me that so many of us humans are in the midst of struggles or have come through them and yet no one knows.

    I think it's common for people to put on a happy face and simply go on, not letting anyone know they need a hug or prayer or someone to listen.

    It is my prayer that I might live transparently so others will feel safe to share their hearts. If we can do that then we'll find friends to help us carry the burdens of life just as God intended.

    I'm so happy to hear of the healing in your marraige and that you, too, are living in the promised land. Hallelujah!