Sunday, April 13, 2008

Quite Moments With God--Tender Kisses

God blessed my socks off today. I'd just returned from a women's retreat, hosted by my church. I went expecting to be blessed and I was. Our speaker, Karen Ball, was phenomenal! My heart was full and I had so much I wanted to share with you when I got home. Something changed my mind about what I wanted to say, a message left on my telephone.

A woman called while I was out of town and left the message asking me to call her. I did.

This elderly woman had recently read my Matanuska series and wanted to thank me for writing the books. You see, she grew up in a village not far from the Matanuska Valley and she's been missing her home. The stories carried her back to her childhood, reminding her of all the things she'd done as a girl living in that wild part of the world. Sounding tearful, she repeatedly thanked me for the books and told me how much they had blessed her. My heart filled with gratitude. God had once again reminded me why I write.

As with most writers I sometimes wonder why I plant myself at my desk hour upon hour, month upon month. Am I really making a "big enough" difference? I've even asked if all the work and toil that goes into creating a novel is worth it.

Then I hear from someone like this woman, whose heart has been touched by one of my stories. I'm filled with the wonder of it all, that God has seen fit to bless me this way. First by allowing me to do what I love and secondly that He prompts people to reach out and let me know how my hard work has made a difference in their lives. My joy feels like a sterling sunrise or a toasty sunset.

I praise my Lord for the honor of serving Him and for the tender kisses sent my way through kindhearted souls.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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