Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tips for Triumphant Living--Walk Close to God.

There was a time when Adam and Eve lived in the Garden with God. They walked with Him and they talked with Him. Life was as it should be. Nothing separated them from their Father. Oh, how I yearn for such days.

We live in a very different world, but it helps to remember that we're merely pilgrims, sojourners, who are here for a short time only. I look back at our beginnings with longing. How incredible it must have been to experience the kinship Adam and Eve had with their heavenly Father. One day, we too shall have such a relationship when we see Him face to face. What a wonder it will be.

Today our lives are busy, filled with jobs, family, endless activities and responsibilities. I don't mean to belittle our lives; they matter and much of what we do is important. God gave us life to be lived. The trouble is that too often busyness robs us of precious time with our Lord. We will never live “triumphantly” if we don’t seek Him out and join Him in fellowship and worship. We must desire Him above all else.

During my life I've experienced spiritually dry seasons. Each time, the stagnation of my faith could be traced back to lack of meaningful fellowship with my Lord.

He longs to spend time with us. Do you remember the days as a child when you climbed into your father's lap and felt safe and protected? Our Abba Father wants to embrace us in the same way. When He does we feel His heart and his spirit. We are given assurance and power and feel utterly protected. We are reminded that all things are possible with Him. He is our source of hope and strength.

Remain in Him and He shall remain in you.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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