Sunday, October 26, 2008

A King Saul for president?

I’m not a political expert, but it appears that this country is looking for a King Saul to lead us. Every day and into the night I pray about the election. I fear our country is about to make a grave mistake.

I’m reminded of the story of King Saul who was king of Israel for a time. And although he looked like and acted like a king, God wanted David, a shepherd, to lead His people. He sent Samuel to choose a replacement for Saul and in 1 Samuel 16:7 it says, But the Lord said to Samuel. “Do not consider his appearance or his height, for I have rejected him. The Lord does not a look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”

God wanted David, a shepherd, to rule over Israel. If the choice had been left up to men, they would never have chosen David—he didn’t look or act the part.

And so you may wonder what does this have to do with our present election? We have two men and their running mates standing before us. It is up to us to choose who will lead this country. Do we look at appearance or do we look at the heart?

It is not so difficult to see the heart of the men and the one woman in this race. Although we do not have the clear vision of God there are things we can look at. What does the record say? How have these people led and voted in the past? Who have they stood with and supported? What good have they done for our country? Do they honor humanity, hard work, and accountability?

We need a man of honor, a man who has the courage to stand up to evil. Stop listening to the press. Go to the many reliable sources and look at the voting records of these candidates.

Which of these men/woman honors life and which does not? The answer is clear. Barack Obama, not only supports partial birth abortion (a detestable act) he also refused to vote on legislation to stop infanticide. What is more despicable than allowing a child born alive to die without any attempt to save its life or even make it’s dying breaths more bearable?

Do we want transparency in our government? Which of these candidates openly displays their life and decisions and which does not? And if not, why? Know this, if they refuse to be transparent now the power to conceal will only increase after the election.

I will not tell you how to vote, but I will tell you how I’m voting.

We are at a crossroads in this country. As Americans we can feel it; we know it.
We have the opportunity to place an honorable man in office as our president. John McCain is not a perfect man by any means; in fact I have some issues with him. However, he has a servant’s heart and he would make a good president. Look at the record.

We’ve all heard about the power of the press. In this election cycle that power has been demonstrated unlike anything in our past. The press chose who it wanted for president and then set out to make it happen. I am reminded of similar situations in countries like Russia and China. The people don’t hear the truth because the news sources present what their leaders want the people to hear.

Because Sarah Palin stands as a powerful woman who is also a conservative, the press has laid into her unrelentingly. I’ve never seen anything like it. The American press, for the most part, have smeared and slandered Governor Palin and her family. They’ve attacked her ruthlessly, told half truths and outright lies. And yet, she’s still remains strong, determined, and gracious.

She is a conservative who believes in standing up for the rights of the unborn, who believes in accountability and honor in our government. Is she perfect? No. But if we’re looking for perfection, then we’d better be prepared to accept a delusion. There is a man who is more illusion than reality. When I think of him and those serving with him, I’m reminded of a snake charmer.

Please do not shun a real leader just because she doesn’t look, talk or act like the elite. She’s plain folks like you and I, but she’s smart and courageous and she believes in good old fashioned decency. Governor Palin wants transparency and accountability in Washington. Isn’t that what Americans have been saying they want? It feels like we’ve lost our compass and are wandering around lost in the desert. If history can be trusted to provide lessons, we best prepare to drift for many years.

I will continue to pray, knowing that God has not made mankind puppets to be controlled. He gave us free choice a long time ago. But my prayers will include that Americans make a wise choice on November 4th.

May the Lord hold us close.

Grace and peace to you from God.


If you'd like to read a great article by a Democrat Journalist who wonders what's become of honest journalism look here


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  2. Thanks BJ.

    So good to hear encouraging words.

    Blessings to you,


  3. Applause! Applause! I couldn't have said it better.

  4. Anonymous4:14 PM

    Bravo Bonnie! You said it all, and I so agree with you. I truly believe the Lord is calling us to stand with them in this time of GREAT NEED for the United States, once dedicated to Him. Thank you for stepping up to the plate, I'll be sending this to everyone I know!!!!


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    Well said, indeed, Bonnie. I had not made the connection of King Saul but you are 100% right. I will definitely send this on to my friends. I know that God is in control and we WILL succeed! Blessings, Barb

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    Well said. It is good to know that God is sovereign and we need to keep that in mind no matter how the election turns out. As I listen to the radio today, my constant prayer has been "Oh, God help us." I'm going to pass your message on to others.

  8. well said Bonnie, It's like people have been blinded by the charisma of the muslim. He will not pledge alliance and will not stand up for our flag and will not stand up for our country.
    Peace and love,

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    Great article link by the way - I had noticed the disparity of the John Edwards coverage.

    American Journalism is truly dead.

  10. Bonnie - this is an EXCELLENT post. We're currently reading 1 Samuel in Bible Study, and my hubby and I have discussed this very thing - our country seems to be calling for Saul.

    I've been praying for God to give people an abundance of wisdom and discernment when they go vote. And He has shown me, and several others in our prayer group, that we are to not pay attention to what our eyes see, but to believe Him, and what we CAN'T see. So that's what we're doing.

    Thanks for posting!

  11. Wow! All your comments have been heartening to me. Thanks for writing and for standing up for what you believe.

    Tell others and continue to pray. God is so much bigger than we can even imagine.

    May God bless you.