Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Tips For Triumphant Moments--Dare to Dream

I’ve been reading a great book, In a Pit With a Lion on a Snowy Day. Mark Batterson makes some great points about the way we live as Believers.

Today while reading, I was struck by how many of us are uncomfortable “thinking out of the box”. We need to be more adventurous, more gutsy. We’ve grown accustomed to the comfortable day-to-day mode of living. We’ve forgotten (maybe we’ve never known) how exciting it is to be a Christian.

It’s time we dared to dream.

Mark Batterson talked about an experience he had in praying “ridiculous” prayers. He explained how foolish we sometimes look when we step out boldly. But that's how the world see us not God.

Mark was certain his church should purchase a piece of property. Not a big deal, except this property was half a block from Union Station in Washington DC. He thought that having a coffee shop in the Capitol Hill Historic District would be a great outreach.

The prayer was ridiculous for a number of reasons. At the top of the list was lack of funds. And the idea that churches build churches and not coffee houses was pervasive. Another problem he and others in his church faced, was a lack of experience. But he prayed anyway, believing God would do what God could do.

Even though he felt foolish, awkward, nervous and too young, he moved forward. The church did acquire the property and today a successful coffeehouse stands on that spot. Mark discovered later that for more than two decades God had prevented the property from being sold. Was God saving that place just for Mark and his church? We’ll only know for sure when we get to heaven, but it would seem so.

God is in the mix of our everyday lives, even when we’re unaware. Years ago, my husband and I and our three young children moved to Aurora, Colorado. While searching for a house we were living in an extremely difficult situation. Homes were scarce, at least affordable ones. We prayed and hoped, but after one particularly discouraging day of searching and finding nothing I told my husband in tears, that I couldn’t tolerate even one more day where we were.

Just about that time, a neighbor wandered over and suggested a real estate agent who handled rentals. We talked to him and he had a house that sounded perfect for us. We couldn’t get there fast enough and were stunned to discover that the “perfect” house waited for a family. It was larger than anything we’d expected, and although it was in the middle of the city a green belt with a stream and prairie dogs bordered the back (comforting for this country girl), the neighborhood was great and so was the price.

We discovered that twelve others had looked at that home and passed it by. After what we’d experienced during our weeks of searching we couldn’t imagine why anyone would pass on such a great place. It had to be God. He’d saved the house just for us.

Now, I know this is small potatoes when compared to Mark Batterson’s experience, but the principle is the same—God is in the middle of our lives. He loves us, and He cares about everything--the big things and the not so big.

So, dare to dream and then see what the God of the universe can do.

Grace and peace to you from God.

Bonnie Leon

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