Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tips for Triumphant Living -- Rest

My blog’s been kind of quiet lately. I’ve been trying to rest. Recently, life has felt like a blast from a summer storm, and I've been knocked off feet, so to speak. And so, I’ve been doing my best to not push too hard.

Our society seems to have an epidemic of “burn out”. Too many of us are working too many hours, and when life throws hard balls at us we lack the energy to make the catch. That’s where I’ve been. So, I’m trying to listen to my spiritual and physical needs and give myself permission to rest. After all even God rested. I think His resting on the seventh day was a way of making a point. We need to stop and take time to refresh, and enjoy the moments of splendor God offers. We miss so many of His gifts because we’re in too big a hurry to see them.

It’s not easy to put on the brakes and slow down, especially when we're used to flying through life at full tilt. So, the question for many of us may be, “How do I rest? What does that look like for me?”

Think about what makes you feel calm. What do you do that quiets the uproar of the world? Some of us enjoy gardening. Others thrive when hiking forest trails or strolling along an ocean beach. My husband enjoys woodworking. I love to fish a mountain lake, read or watch an old movie or just sit on my deck and enjoy the sounds and sights of the forest. Whatever it is that soothes you, make time to do it. It’s important.

Don’t forget your family, your spouse and your Lord. Listen to the words of wisdom and love they offer. You may be reminded of how blessed you are.

My mother came to visit at Thanksgiving, and she is the most grateful person I know. She’s eighty-four and dealing with pain and declining health, but she remains constantly aware of her blessings and often vocalizes her gratitude. Her thankful heart is a good reminder for me.

As we move through this busy time, remember Matthew 11:28, which says, Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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