Sunday, February 08, 2009

Quiet Moments With God -- The World is Watching

This morning while reading from Ephesians 4:22-32 I was struck by a pattern. There are several commands (not suggestions).

Put off
Put on
Do not let
Do not give
Steal no longer
Do not grieve
Get rid of
Be Kind & Compassionate
Forgive Each Other

These passages shout, “Choose!” God stands by, he instructs, he encourages, he empowers, but he does not pull strings as if we are puppets. We decide what we’ll do. We choose who we will be, how we will treat others, whether we’ll allow bitterness or forgiveness to reside in our hearts, whether we’ll give in to slander or be kind. And we choose to obey or not.

We can blame others for our misbehavior. But when we do, we’ll be lying to ourselves. We decide who the Lord of our life is—God or someone else.

May we seek God’s strength and do the right thing. The world is watching.

Grace and Peace to you from God.



  1. Yes people do watch and what they should see, is someone they would like to, "be like."
    I have read all of Katherine Marshalls books as well as Corrie Ten Boom and as an impressionable person,I wanted to be, just like them. Now after reading one (so far) of your books, I hope that one day, I may write, just like you do! You reflect the love of Jesus and His saving Grace.
    One can see, He reigns in your heart.
    Keep writing.
    Crystal Lindsey,
    Queensland. Australia.

  2. Dear Crystal,

    You have made my day--my year! I'm deeply touched by your words. And I am so grateful God chooses to live in me. He is good every day.

    I have one correction--I pray you will write just like Crystal. You have a mission to be you, created by God for good works that only you can do.

    All my love,


  3. Nice to find you in blogspace Bonnie. And lovely to read your encouragement.

  4. Thank you, Sheila. Having the opportunity to share my heart and some of my journey is a privilege.

    Blessings to you,