Friday, May 08, 2009

Quiet Moments With God -- Hurrying Through Life?

Lately, I’ve been in a hurry. I have a new book launching and another one due at the publisher’s. There is so much to do and little time for pleasures or rest. I long to tarry, to drink in life’s abundance, and to linger even in its sorrows. We need to linger, to think and explore.

Not so long ago, a dear friend of mine was going through the worst kind of heartbreak. To help her cope, the doctor put her on an antidepressant. At the time they were needed, but the medication hindered her ability to grieve. She couldn’t even cry. She needed to experience her grief, to mourn. So she chose to discontinue her medication and the tears came and the healing began. She needed to linger in her sorrow.

This morning while reading from My Utmost for His Highest these words leaped out at me from the page. “If we will take this view, life will become one great romance—a glorious opportunity of seeing wonderful things all the time.”

Life a romance? Seeing wonderful things ALL the time? YES!

Life is a mix of mountain tops and valleys, but there is beauty in it all. God has so much to show us. Most importantly we’re to know Him. Experiencing life introduces us to God. He reveals Himself in creation, through the people who come and go, and in the midst of life’s adventures we will find Him.

Stop and look. Savor what comes your way. Time can be a gift or a thief. Which will it be for you?

Grace and peace to you from God.


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