Monday, June 15, 2009

Quiet Moments With God -- Caterpillars & Butterflies

Today’s blog title is Quiet moments with God. When I think about these special times with my Lord, I usually envision a devotional time—Bible Study, prayer or worship. But that’s a narrow perspective.

All of creation is formed by the very hand of my Heavenly Father. He means for you and I to enjoy all that He has made.

A couple days ago my daughter, Sarah, and I and her three children piled into the car for an adventure. We headed for a Butterfly Park not far from our home. We found all sorts of exhibits. There was a butterfly pavilion with the winged beauties where we discovered newly laid eggs on the leaves of some of the plants. There were baby caterpillars. I’d never considered a caterpillar as being cute, but these were. There were also cocoons, but none were ready to reveal the finery hidden inside. If we want to see that miracle we’ll have to go back.

My grandchildren studied butterflies and bees, gathered special stones, and talked about the wonders of the universe as we strolled through stunning gardens. I watched and laughed as they rolled down grassy hillsides, galloped through forested trails and climbed sculptures. My daughter laid down in the sweet smelling grass and the children piled on, then decided it would be fun if grandma took pictures of them pretending to sleep or playing dead. We laughed ourselves silly.

Although it was a day filled with activities it was definitely a quiet moment with God--precious time spent with the ones I love. Memories are now tucked away in my mind to be recalled again and again. Days like these are special reminders of the treasures of life, offered up by the God of the universe and made possible only because of Him. They are gifts to be opened, enjoyed and treasured.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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