Monday, November 23, 2009

Quiet Moments With God--Timing

Have you ever had an experience when something you wanted or hoped for occurred at exactly the perfect time? Something that was just what you needed when you needed it? I love those moments. I suppose some are coincidental, but there are times when I'm certain God's laid a blessing upon me.

I experienced just such a moment this morning. I've been carrying a heavy burden, unnecessarily. Finally I did what I should have done weeks ago. After church I sought out a dear friend I know to be a prayer warrior and shared my heaviness of heart with her. Less than twenty-four hours later God shone His light on the core of the problem--the reason I've remained burdened for so long. He knew exactly what I needed to hear.

While in The Word, God met with me. He loves to spend time with His children. :-)

God doesn't mince words. He was clear and to the point. I now know what I need to do. The Lord isn't going to do it for me, but His love and strength will make me able. Relying on Him opens doors for transformation.

To become who He wants us to be we must take every thought captive. Our imaginations, desires and worries can get the better of us when we allow them to rule our lives. They ensnare us and we lose sight of God--lose confidence in His perfect plan.

We can overcome and unburden ourselves by trusting the Creator, the one who placed the stars in the heavens. He is our strength. Set our minds upon Him. He will transform our lives and we will walk in freedom and confidence.

Praising God for His goodness.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Thanks Bonnie. Wise advice well-given, and hopefully well-taken. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. Hello Bonnie, We are all guilty of holding on. I love the saying, "Let go and let God." I stick notes in my bathroom to read while sitting....
    Praise God from whom all blessing flow...

  3. Hi Sheila. So good to hear from you. Thanks so much for your encouragement. I pray that what I write will be uplifting and helpful to others. And happy Thanksgiving to you,too.



  4. Hi Crystal. You're right. We do all hang on too tightly to "us" instead of hanging on to God.

    Over the years I've stuck notes on my bathroom mirror, too. :-)

    May He bless you,