Sunday, January 31, 2010

Quite Moments With God -- All Good Things Come From God

I received a gift yesterday. The memory of my five-year-old granddaughter's joy-filled face.

After church, our women's ministry team provided a meal along with a raffle. We're raising money for the ministry fund. It was a fun time spent with friends over good food and with hopes of winning something special.

My granddaughter Olivia was on pins and needles, hoping to win a gift basket filled with items meant especially for a little girl. She'd put all of her tickets in that one gift box. When it was time to draw for that very special prize I believe Olivia was holding her breath. Her eyes were bright with anticipation, and when her name was called she leaped out of her chair and walked up to accept her prize.

With her arms wrapped around the over-sized gift box, she headed back to her seat, no doubt feeling like she'd won the lottery. Her expression shone with excitement and joy. That look stayed with me all day. I can see it now--pure joy unencumbered by life's circumstances. My little granddaughter has been through a lot of sorrow recently, but that's not what she was thinking about at that moment. All she knew was that she'd won the prize she wanted.

I too, have had special moments in my life. I've had some extraordinary gifts bestowed upon me--more than I can count. Sadly, I too often forget the gifts and become focused on circumstances. And as I envision my granddaughter's special moment and realize she was thinking of nothing but the gift, I'm reminded how far off the mark my life can sometimes be.

God has given me much to be thankful for--precious people to love and who love me, purpose in life, and much more than I need to sustain me. The apostle Paul said all we need to be content is enough food and clothing. I have much more and yet there are days when contentment seems far from my grasp. When I realize my ingratitude, tears fill my eyes and I wonder does my selfishness wound my Lord, who has given me so much?

God is good. My life is blessed. I want to shout, "THANK YOU! THANK YOU, GOD." And then I whisper, "Please forgive me. Forgive me for forgetting your goodness."

He has surrounded me with love and beaty. I have more than I could even think to ask for and more than I deserve. It is my prayer that I remember the precious moments, the blessings showered upon me, and the greatest gift of all--Christ. And may I give back . . . every day.

We have more than we know. Look at the blessings, see them and remember that all good things come from God.

Grace and peace to you from God.


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