Monday, May 17, 2010

Quiet Moments With God -- God Sightings

Do you ever have God sightings? Those special circumstances or moments that remind you God is close. Sometimes something happens and you're certain God orchestrated it, just for you.
We all have God sightings, but sometimes in the midst of our busy lives we don't stop to pay attention.

A couple of days ago God gave me a special reminder that He cares and that He's near.

My grandson, Corey, loves my baby chicks. He's taken on their care. He feeds and waters them every day and makes sure they are safely closed up in their little house every night.

Two nights ago, just before sunset all the chicks had gathered inside their house, all but one who decided he wanted to stay out doors. He eluded all attempts to catch him and finally hid beneath the chicken house.

Corey did everything in his power to save that chick. Unwilling to give up, he wiggled beneath the coop, in the dirt and filth, just to make sure this little creature had a safe haven for the night. Unaware of his filthy condition, my grandson, cradled the baby against his chest and stroked its soft feathers, calming him. Then he gently placed him safely inside the coop.

Tired and filthy, Corey wore a big smile. He didn't care how much work it took to rescue the chick, all he knew is that he was safe.

My grandson's care and concern reminded me of God. Our Heavenly Father did everything to save us. He doesn't give up. And when He gathers us close after rescuing us, He smiles.

There is no place we can go that God is not there. And yet, I don't see Him often enough throughout my days. Maybe I'm not watching.

I have a friend who often talks about "God sightings" -- circumstances she experiences that she knows God had a hand in or something beautiful God created. It can be a sunset or a delicate flower we might not notice unless we're looking. Or it might be a bumble bee in flight--that's an all out miracle. It might be a parking space God saved just for you because He knew you needed it.

There are lots of God sightings out there waiting for us to see. We have to look.

When we see or experience a "God Sighting" make sure to share it with someone else. It will lift their day and maybe even encourage them to look for God in the day to day happenings of their life.

Grace and peace to you from God,



  1. I love seeing God at work in my garden. Sure I plant the seeds and keep them watered, but the fact that they grow, and turn into things to eat?! That is amazing, and something only a creator can do.

    Thanks for the great post, Bonnie!
    Have a great day:)

  2. I love growing a garden, Kristen. Maybe that's why--it's watching one of God's miracles unfold.

    I haven't had a garden for many years, but with my husband retiring this year it's on next spring's agenda. With his help I can probably have one. I can hardly wait.

    Love ya, gal.


  3. Hi Bonnie, I see God everywhere also. But the human body is definately His handiwork. I was annoyed with someone last week and all night long I kept getting a scripture until I got up and wrote it down. Then I had peace.
    The next day I researched and studied it. It has made a big change in my attitude.

    Your grandson will make a wonderful caring father one day.
    You are a blessing to me.

  4. Crystal, I've started paying attention to those middle of the night awakenings. Sometimes God has something to show me or to say to me. It's wonderful to know he speaks to us. And when we hear, it can change our lives.

    And I think my little grandson will be a very good father one day. He's quite sensitive and full of love.

    On a sad note, the one chick that was especially Corey's was killed two days ago by a neighbor's dog. Corey cried, but we have a special surprise for him for his birthday, which is coming up in a week and a half.