Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tips For Triumphant Living -- Enjoy The Moment

I've been rushing lately. I have a lot going on, including a deadline for a book. Everyday my "to do" list requires more hours than I have in a day. During my shower this morning, I caught myself washing my hair in a hurry. What happened to luxuriating beneath hot steamy water? Or maybe even singing a song while showering? I always sound better in the shower.

While the water cascaded over me, I wasn't thinking about how good the shower felt. My mind was on the list. I nearly missed the pleasure of the moment.

Almost everyone I know is in a hurry these days. We have to many responsibilities crowded into our days--work, family, church, community and that's only the beginning. It's good to be involved, but while we're in the midst of planning and fulfilling our obligations let's not forget "right now". Stop and enjoy the significance of the moment.

The "little things" in life make all the difference in how we feel. Take time to enjoy a sunset or a sunrise. Stop and watch bees gather pollen and marvel at the wonder of nature. Listen to the birds sing. Make sure to listen to your children's or grandchildren's interesting perspectives on life. Answer their kazillionth question. It only takes a moment or two.

God reveals Himself in these snapshots. He is all around us, whispering His presence, revealing to us the wonders of who He is. And He waits to hear from us. If we're in too big a hurry, we'll miss Him. We'll miss the beauty of the day to day specialness of life.

When we tell ourselves we'll make time later, sometimes later never arrives. Because after this project there will be another one and then something else after that. We must choose to enjoy the moments. They are like a string of pearls, each one unique and significant, snapshots that breathe life into our souls.

The days will pass whether we're paying attention or not. Don't miss them. Look. Listen. Enjoy.

Grace and peace to you from God.



  1. Anonymous7:13 PM

    My darlin' dtr posted quite a comment re this very thing--bein' too busy--so I put it on my own FB page. It was a bit saucy, and odd not ONE comment. Usually my overly busy pals comment on everything. Ha! Well, it's for our good. I'm happy that right now my life is just right. Hasn't always been balanced time-wise. Funny how being a caregiver, which I don't want to be, has many unasked for blessings or lessons for me straight from God. Ha! The very things I balk at--grrrrr! Or rather, PTL! :) <3 lovepatti

  2. Patti,

    Sadly, I think so many of us are too busy to read the comments let alone post one. Just my point.

    We've got to slow down or we're going to miss so many of the special moments offered to us.

    Blessings to you,