Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Quiet Moments With God -- He Is Everything

We have a new puppy. I think puppies are adorable, especially when they are just visiting or when they belong to someone else. I'm not hard hearted, honestly. I do think they are sweet, but they're also a lot of work. And this is my second day without sleep. Our new addition can't stand to be away from us and he makes sure to let us know . . . all night long.

During the middle of the night while he cried and cried in his crate I got to thinking about his world. He was fearful, thinking he was out of our sight. We are everything to him. He longs to be with us. He's absolutely dependent upon us. And he trusts us to care for him. That's how it ought to be between myself and God. Is He everything to me? Do I long to be in His presence? Do I seek Him with all my heart? Do I turn to Him for my every need? Do I trust him completely?

I wish I could say, yes, yes and yes. But I'm self-willed and though I long to be close to God and to always trust and always be obedient, just like our puppy, Bentley, I have a lot to learn. I need to rein in the "I want what I want and I want it now" syndrome. When I'm thinking about me I'm not thinking about Him.

Seek Him and His will. Live fully aware of His presence and love. Remember He always watches over us. There is no place we can go that He is not there. We are never alone.

If we make Him our everything peace will rule in our hearts.

Grace and peaced to you from God.



  1. How true! What a great picture of how we should long for God.
    I pray you get some sleep tonight:)

  2. Hi Kristen.

    It's interesting how God provides pictures of His truths in our day to day lives. We just need to pay attention and they're right in front of us.

    And yes, the puppy had a better night, which means so did we. :-)

    Bless you,


  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Ha! You knew a pup was a pup when ya got him! I luf them too--but at almost 60 am done with all that! I'd never say never, but... When all I've had is God, then God was enough. I love the song, "You are the air I breathe--Your very presence... and I'm desperate for You... I've been in hospital many times so ill, and then I was His puppy... and it was good. Now when times are so good and full of health, I love reminders from folks like yourself, or others, to restore that needful feeling. So thanks--and enjoy the pooch! love patti

  4. Hi Patti.

    Yeah, I'm closing in on 60, but the puppy is good for me. He loves to play and he makes me laugh. He's very funny. As soon as I get my photo program up and running again I'll post a picture.

    Stay healthy and keep loving life, as I know you do. :-)


  5. Great post, Bonnie. I needed this reminder. Thank you for these "God Sightings" you find for us. Love them!
    What kind of puppy did you get? Do you recommend it?

    Camille and I were looking at dogs online today, just for fun. She would LOVE a puppy. I told her we would pray about it and ask God to bring us just the right dog at just the right time, but that we would have to wait. "I know, Mom! I was just going to say that, but you said it first."

    What an amazing little heart she has. :-)

  6. Hi Miriam.

    Our pup is a boxer. We had one once that we loved so much, but she had an appetite for my neighbor's chickens and so we had to find another home for her.

    This pup is a male and we call him Bentley. Don't know if the name will stick yet or not. We love boxers, but they do require a family that is involved with them andn they need excercise.

    This little guy is already giving us a run for our money--he's stubborn, but very brave.

    I'll post a picture of him soon.